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Deacon Tassang Wilfred Writes From Kondengui: Admonishes Ambazonia Diaspora To Stop Lies Telling And Conspiracy Theories: A Position BaretaNews Has Cried For Weeks



Deacon Tassang Wilfred Writes From Kondengui: Admonish Ambazonia Diaspora To Stop Lies Telling And Conspiracy Theories: A Position BaretaNews Has Cried For Weeks
Lies and Conspiracies, No Match for the Truth
To All Ambazonian Leaders,
To the Restoration Struggle,
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.
Galatians 6:7
And Jesus also said “And thou shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.
There therefore is nothing as powerful as the truth. Truth is truth’s own defence. Having been briefed over and again on the goings on in the struggle for justice, I have come to the obvious conclusion that the devil is very much at work and that no side of the fragmented struggle is spared. I have heard that all our movements, leaders and IG are now agents of La Republique; that each time people differ in views and opinions, the other side is maliciously tagged “compromised”. How do you want our people to believe that Sako, Ayaba, Akwanga, Akuroh, Boh Herbert, etc, are agents of La Republique? If all the above are compromised as everyone has tagged everyone else, then who should the people trust? Why are our leaders all playing God?
You all fabricate and churn out accounts of what God has chosen to withhold from us for the time being, and for our own sanity (many a man shall faint and not rise when God exposes some of the things we so impatiently weave yarns about); fantastical accounts of what happened at Nera for instance, have been narrated you’d think those who tell them were parties to our abduction. How’s this possible? I hold firmly that any attempt to lace the truth with lies and conspiracies will only end up putting the same truth to question. This also proves that the motives behind all such stories are everything but righteous. Remember that God who sees all things, judges us by our motives and the truth will always triumph to the shame and disgrace of conspirators. Our people, and much more the leaders should note that this struggle is about justice for Ambazonia. Can there be justice when the truth is not upheld? How can we expect the international community to uphold the truth concerning us when we are unable to uphold the same with each other? Don’t you all see that we are making ourselves an object of ridicule in the public domain? Guess who is having fun at our expense.
It is true that I have taken a firm stance against running the struggle from detention. But does it mean that everyone else in detention with me is compromised for thinking otherwise? My answer is a vehement no. Differences in view, options, and pathways do not immediately translate into treachery and “compromised”. No, not. Our resolve to see the homeland free has never wavered. I beg you all dear compatriots; while we differ, and should differ, we should desist from making such declarations and holding such positions as will make building bridges difficult or impossible. While we can not stop people from playing politics in the revolution, we all should know that it is not yet time for it. If we don’t, we should also realise that the principle of causality has not changed; same cause, same effect. Our forebears were divided in 1959-60 and landed us in this messy puddle. With all our learning, and big certificates, and titles, shall we not be better? Can we not do better? Can we not put the people first?
Dear leaders and people, can we stop here and turn our minds once more to our people? Try living on Ground Zero then you will understand; try taking refuge in the bushes then you will understand; try life as a refugee in Nigeria or in neighbouring Cameroun, then you will understand; I know some of you have been to jail before, but try it this time and you will understand; perhaps, try dying, or losing a dear one to the cause then you will know that all this ego, grandstanding and power mongering is a source of much pain and stress for our beleaguered, embattled, and endangered people. Like my brother likes to say; “Are we together?”
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
Galatians 6:7
From Prison Principale, Kondengui have I with my own hand
Deacon TASSANG Wilfred

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