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Biya Launches Social Media War, Officially Joins The Generational Game



Biya Launches Social media war, struggling to rule Cameroun on Social media

Even non-observant users of social media must have realized that the president of Neighbouring Cameroun, Paul Biya has embarked on a serious social media governance strategy. It is definitely dawning on him and his guys that, the social media is a veritable tool for effective communication, administration, and management as well.

To meet the speed, the Yaoundé dictator has employed a team of youngsters that spend time preaching what Biya’s regime has and will never do in the next hundred years. The excited managers of Biya’s social media sites, Twitter and Facebook notably, have been singing songs of patriotism, Respect, unity, indivisibility, etc to those who care to follow him. It has availed the young media experts employed by Biya the opportunity to pour their academic knowledge on social media, even if the reality on the ground is far fetched.

But what surprised us of this platform is the fact that Biya who has often insulted Ambazonia’s leadership for managing her people through social media platforms has now rather taken the lead though in propaganda. Ambazonia will continue being a reference to Cameroun in development, technology, and leadership. It’s only honorable for Biya to accept that he is learning 21st century way of life from Ambazonian.

One thing many who read his social media posts might not know is that he isn’t always the author. Some special crew who understand nothing on practical management of state affairs go about rambling with concepts and principles which are far off the coast of Cameroun. They have no real agenda towards any post. Ultimately, its a strategy to seek empathy from the international scene.

Whatever the case, congratulations to Biya. War is not fought only in the physical but also on the psychological and spiritual realms. Let him know that whether Ambazonians choose to fight and Govern their nation from Space or social media, its entirely the business of their state. We shall continue the online and intellectual struggle.

BaretaNews, therefore, invites all Ambazonians and friends of the country to step up effort on media space in order to unveil appropriately the atrocities Biya is committing on Southern Cameroon’s soil. If you had just a Facebook account, add Twitter, create a YouTube channel, follow Ambazonian media and press organs, even newsworthy individuals on all platforms. Download apps of Southern Cameroons, Ambazonian and keep yourself updated. Tag international partners, nations, NGOs, human rights groups, etc. We are wiser and bigger than La Republiquè in all sphere. Let the gameplay!!!

Sumelong Ekane

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