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Biya Refuses To Change The Style of Governance Sticks To Complete Usurpation of Power As He appoints Secretaries For local Councils




Biya refuses to change the style of Governance, sticks to complete usurpation of Power as he appoints Secretaries for local Councils.

In a press release from Etoudi, Friday, May 24th, Biya appointed new Secretary Generals to the city councils across La Republique and Ambazonia. These Secretaries are graduate from the most corrupt institution of Cameroun, ENAM. Therefore, their works are not different from those of other colonial administrators. However, that isn’t our focus for this write-up.

For Biya to sit in Yaounde amidst calls for Dialogue to end the ravaging war on the Ambazonian Soil and continue appointing worthless workers when we expect him to be backing out of our territory is really vexing. It would appear he has gone dumb and blind to the reality on the ground. These are indications that the struggle is still on high pedestals until the oppressor is willing to leave. At this time, many who believe in Biya’s decentralization thought he was going to call for regional elections to get new Governors who will run the affairs of the 8 regions of LR, but the ailing leader doesn’t see the need to decentralize power. These are evidence clear enough for federalists like Kah Wallah and Agbor Balla to know that, even decentralization doesn’t work with Biya, talk less of Federation. The only one and best option remain full blown Independence of the Southern Cameroons.

This is a leader who appoints everyone in the country so that all allegiance is paid to him. From his Prime Minister to ministers, Governors, SDO, DO, Government Delegates and their Secretaries, secondary school principals, Bursars, University workers, etc. It is even feared that he might soon start appointing cleaners and gatekeepers from his office. The only local administrators voted in Biya’s government are mayors who themselves are under the heavy control of appointed Government delegates. Biya has made himself a semi-god as nothing good has ever come out from that system. This is not the kind of strongman any country in the world can succeed with.
Institutions are needed not persons.

Well, be it as it may, the rules are simple. No administrator appointed by Biya is welcomed on Ambazonian soil. It is total trespass of National boundaries and annexation of our land. We shall continue the fight against colonialism to the end to uproot Biya’s administration from the Southern Cameroons. NO amount of delayed dialogue will quench our taste for a full autonomous country. Time is soon. Freedom is close. No retreat, no surrender.

Sumelong Ekane

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