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Southern Cameroons Updates: Of GCE and School Resumption



A. Women’s Day.

Baretanews haven called Mamfe, Buea, Tiko, Mundemba, Ekondo Titi, Kumba, Bamenda, Kumbo etc, has been told that the sale of the so-called women’s day cloth is a non-event. We were told no one even talks about it. Our women are angry, boycott shall be total. Our sources on the ground say the colonial Governor of SW intends hiring female police students from Mutengene police college to participate. Also, one of our sources said some policewomen in Bamenda have offered themselves to be the sales person but none is buying.

B. Schools resumption.

Schools remain closed. The government continues their threats on teachers, institution to force schools to open. GCE will not hold. There will be a blank school year. However, we took note of professional schools from UBa such as ENS and ENSET opening their doors to few students. Catholic University Buea carries on a hide and seek studies with few students. Biaka University is also daring the people. Our source from UB wrote:
” I can tell you with certainty that there are no effective classes going in UB apart from the HTTTC kumba which is going on. The last week census shows that not up to 430 students are present in UB. All are francophone students. UB has a population of over 24 thousands and if not up to 430 students are present can we say classes are ongoing? The only person now who is against our struggle and has vow publicly to frustrate us is Dr. Agborbechem (CST HOD). He reports lecturers to the VC so that they can be sanctioned. He has vow to realize his political dreams through this struggle..”

C. GCE 2017

BaretaNews is getting reports that the Government through the governors is mounting pressure on parents by sending text messages to attend a meeting for the preparation of the GCE exams. The presbyterian and Baptist missions have been sending text messages to parents of students of exam classes to attend a meeting on how to write the GCE. Note that the colonial governor of the NW Lele Lafrique made an announcement on CRTV 7 30 pm news that schools will resume monday.

How low can the Government get? How many times will they report school reopening on Monday? Is this how the government intends solving a problem? Our parents must not fall to this short circuit that the government is doing. This is not how problems are solved. Presbyterian, Baptist and Catholic missions must stand tall and show the government the right way of doing things.

The government should release all Southern Cameroonians abducted and restore internet. The government should then move ahead to call a national frank dialogue with AU or UN as a referee. This is the right thing to be done.

D. The Consortium

The consortium is the people and the people is the consortium. Therefore, everyone should engage in unilateral actions to defend the struggle. Make calls home to ensure that Ghost towns on Monday 6th and boycott/Ghost Towns on Wednesday 8th Women’s day is total.

Southern Cameroonians should continue calling and texting home. Parents and students should not fall to this scheme. Schools remained closed. Ghost towns Monday 6th and total boycott and Ghost towns on Wednesday 8th March.

Every Southern Cameroonians should engage in unilateral actions to safe and defend the struggle.

Mark Bareta.

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