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Ayah Paul Asks For Forgiveness While Thanking The People



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness





Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine has for the first time since leaving jail issue a public thank you to all people of the Cameroons who stood with him and supported him during his many months in jail. In a message published on his Facebook page he equally called on the people of the Cameroons to forgive him for saying thank you too late. Read on

September 19, 2017


When my two brothers died in the last decade and I was left with only two sisters of the 13 of us from the same womb, I wept, telling the world how I was now “all alone”. I do so hate myself today for such ungodly feeling and utterances!

Not too many people have the grace to see their own funerals. But such rare grace has the Most High bestowed on me by my captivity. Verily I say unto you, my lamentation is inconsolable today. Forgive me for the courage to tell you I am in tears even as I write these words – very much as it has been ever since, “like a bird from prison that has flown”, I flew out of captivity.

How ungodly of me that I refused, failed or neglected to visualize the millions of brothers the good Lord has given me in you worldwide! How godly of you, the universal children of the Most High, for taking up the case of “small me” in such immeasurable proportions! So many of you – in your millions!

Indeed your constant prayers did inspire hope in me all through. Your financial support ably sustained the family in the flesh. And your physical pressures could but impose retreat on my assailants.

I pray you to bear with me that I found it difficult to express my gratitude earlier. You did wipe my tears for 223 days. You that I knew. You who knew me. Particularly you that I had not known; you who had not known me!

I am still blinded by tears: tears of gratitude; tears for those still in captivity because I know what it feels to be where they are; above all, tears for those who do lose their lives through alike human monstrosity! May the good Lord continue to give you the grace to persist in your love of neighbor ever more.

Just two empty words “THANK YOU”! But in them are silver and gold from the CORE of my heart. May God bless you all!

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