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For half a century, Anglophones in Cameroon have lived completely dark, miserable lives because the agreements our grandparents signed with La Republique were never respected. When it started two months ago, it seemed like a normal strike. But every Anglophone Cameroonian began to reflect on what and how life has been; the sound of military boots, “imbecile, viens ici!” etc. All these things began to run through every mind. Was this really what our ancestors bargained for? Very soon, the educationists raised very strident issues which had disenfranchised and pushed Anglophones to the fringes of professional development. Then it became a movement. Churches began to pray for freedom and it has become a spirit which can no longer die.

What is most amazing is the manner in which Anglophones have buried their differences and are willing to get out of their pit of stagnation. The differences were politically designed to keep the people apart, but who says that God’s hand is not in this thing? In the time of Southern Cameroons, there was no NW and no SW. In those days, it was possible for a politician from Victoria to win elections in Nkambe, Mamfe or even Wum because the people depended more on what each person had to offer and not where they come from. The NW, SW regions are all political designs from La Republique.

Ahidjo started by depriving Anglophones of what was theirs so that eventually, our political elite who were given something saw it as a favour. This has continued up to this day. See them when they come home after their appointment – the way they bow when they are calling the president’s name. Over the years, this has been used to sow division. A village which has a Minister thinks they are justified in antagonizing the village which does not have. As a result, the Francophone government was happy sharing crumbs to anglophones. That is why all the ministries anglophones occupy are inconsequential to the running of this country.

The anglophone spirit has been born. Although teachers, lawyers, and the other civil society groups did not send anyone on the streets, the anger of the people is perceptible; it is palpable; you can see it. Many people have died simply because they are Anglophone. Going to Yaounde to chase dossiers in Finance has caused the death of many anglophones. Others have died looking for greener pastures, and yet many more have died because the natural resources God blessed them with were plundered or stolen. Like a child with a wicked stepmother, deprivation and lack drove many in HIV/Aids and eventually, death. Look at the oil from Ndian which has built skyscrapers in Yaounde and Douala, but there is no road to Ndian division. The Anglophone ministers from there always write to thank the Head of State every time the roads are graded. See Sonara; they do not employ Anglophones. Now, they are even carrying the oil to Douala by Pipeline, so that even the anglophone tanker drivers may not be employed. Look at the CDC, just like the Marketing Board which was once our pride, it is being taken to the slaughterhouse.

ANGLOPHONES MUST UNITE because it is in unity that we shall overcome. We need a country of our own where we can ensure fairness for all, justice etc

In the days ahead, I will post the geological map of Cameroon for everyone to see that we have bauxite, oil in Mamfe, Widikum, bauxite in Ndop, Gold in Nkambe and uranium deposits in Kumba. We are not a poor people. God will vindicate us. We shall not give up because giving up is imprisonment after now. God bless you all.

Mark Bara and I approve this message.

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