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Sasse College Designates Barrister Sichui Kameni as Persona Non Grata






The administrative head of St. Joseph’s College Sasse, Father Valentine Suum has officially declared Barrister Sichui John Kameni, a SOBAN, as Persona Non-Grata and banned him from ever stepping foot on Sasse campus grounds. This decision was made public in a document dated 17th, April 2018, a copy in possession of BaretaNews. This is coming after the said Barrister has been involved in many attempts to divide SOBA, the mother ex student association in the Cameroons. It should be recalled that Barrister Kameni who works hand in gloves with Dr. Ernest Molua are two very worrisome SOBANS who have formed a gang to divide SOBA and break the integrity of the college. Ernest Molua whom last year called for death sentence to be meted on Consortium Leaders has found a good friend in Kameni who also has been accused by many Southern Cameroonians for sabotaging this revolution in various ways. These two individuals have now transferred their divisiveness to SOBA and at same time spearheading the division of SOBA, the first Secondary school in Former British Southern Cameroons born 1st February, 1939.

According to an inside source at the Catholic Education Secretariat who spoke to BaretaNews on condition of anonymity confirming the validity of the document, the lawyer is labeled an ”architect and promoter” of discord whose cumulative actions during the last few months have led to a systematic chain of events in complete disregard and ”flagrant contempt” of Mgr. Bishop Emmanuel Bushu, the Proprietor of Sasse College and Bishop Of Buea Diocese.

It is safe to say that, for the institution to have resorted to such a measure, is proof enough that all attempts to reason with the stubborn Barrister had been futile. The letter also states that there has been some ”continuous advancement” of these provocating acts towards the reputation of Sasse. Reverent Father Valentine Suum in his letter says such a move from the Barrister has tarnished the public image and brand of Sasse College.

Acting on the instructions from Bishop Bushu of the Buea Diocese, Barrister Sichui John Kameni was designated Persona Non-Grata and prevented from setting foot on the Campus of St. Joseph’s College for good. An all-post-bulletin was initiative after the letter was drafted, informing all administrative branches and public security personnel of the Southern Zone as well as Campus Security to enforce the new instructions. The letter did warned of his imminent arrest should he ever step foot into Sasse collrgr

The barrister was issued with a cease and desist order in that same letter, urging him to refrain from using any logos belong to SOBA GENERAL who owns Trademark rights to them protected under African Intellectual Property Organization. The threat of a civil and/or criminal suit in case of default will be brought against Barrister Sichui John Kameni and his cohorts, should the logo be used on his letterhead.

It is worthy to note that SOBA and Sasse College are umbilically linked and can’t never be separated. What affects SOBA affects the college and Vice Versa.




Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst




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