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18 Diplomatic Actions in the Southern Cameroons Struggle: The Struggle Continues



Amidst the ongoing Southern Cameroons struggle, the interim leaders of the Consortium described succinctly 18 Diplomatic Actions that should bolster the enthusiasm of Southern Cameroonians to remain steadfast and determined in the struggle. One of the interim leaders Mark Bareta emphasised: “We need to hold the struggle going. Send this by sms to our people.”

1. The international community has written.
2. US state department has condemned and called for dialogue.
3. Karen Bass, US congresswoman personally wrote on the issue.
4. Canadian and UK MPs have individually written on our case.
5. Dr. Balla’s University in the USA (University of Notre Dame) has petitioned the United Nations.
6. All mainstream media (CNN BBC RT etc) has written.

7. Aljeezeraa has been on our case.
8. The University of Pretoria Human Rights Centre, the top in Africa has requested South Africa’s government to intervene and help us. They also have asked UN to appoint a mediator.
9. African Bar Association has also condemned.
10. International Commission of Justice wrote bitterly and chastised La Republique.
11. Amnesty international has called for dialogue and release of our leaders.
12. UN expert wrote and called for Internet restoration.
13. African Union Chair had also condemned and called for dialogue.
14. Diaspora has been on weekly protest in all embassies.
15. Punchline Africa TV together with other media in Africa has been voicing our concerns.
16. France Radio International-RFI today morning debated our case seriously.
17. Some major European and African countries will be pushing our case further. We are sorry we cannot disclose the names but rest assured it will change the face of the struggle in due time.
18. UN fact-finding mission according to our Intel are planning to come in if we hold on to the protest.

And much more actions have been going on diplomatically but diplomacy is slow but we would get there. We have been annexed for 56 years. We are just 3 months into the struggle. All those actions above give our case international attention. All we ask for, our people is to remain resolute, to be patient and continue shutting down schools as well as observing ghost towns. These two actions back home hurt La Republique and with the diplomatic push we are doing out here will lead us to freedom. Stay the struggle on. Victory is near.

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo.
For the Consortium.

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