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11 Immediate Things To Happen After Southern Cameroons Restoration



What will change after the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons?

Everything will change for the better for all Southern Cameroonian citizens. Here are just a few of those changes that will be immediately visible to every Southern Cameroonian citizen.

1. The southern Cameroons will become a place where all citizens will have equal rights and opportunities without regard to gender, religion or tribe of origin.

2. There will be a rehabilitation program to re-integrate degree holders who are on the streets now, who have become taxi drivers or have resorted to another trade below their qualifications.

3. A job center will be created to advertise jobs at all levels and everybody can apply for a job with no discrimination. Recruitment shall be based strictly on qualification and know-how and not based on affiliation to a high ranking personnel, region or tribe of origin or any other biased reasons.

4. Even at 40, people will still have the possibility to write concurs into technical and professional schools. As a matter of fact, there will be no limit for anybody. Every Southern Cameroonian will be able to shape his/her future they way he/she wants it and the limit shall only be the sky. Young mothers will have better chances to take care of their babies while maintaining their carrier.

5. Primary and secondary education shall be free for all citizens of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroonian universities shall be among the best in the world in their categories and shall engage in exchange programs with top ranking universities worldwide so that there will be no reasons for parents to send their children abroad for studies.

6. Health care will be affordable for every Southern Cameroonian citizen. The Southern Cameroons will set up the best hospitals you can imagine and no one will have to travel far in order to have good medical care.

7. There shall be good roads and electricity right to the interior villages. No one shall be cut from civilization again as it is today with the republic of Cameroon. Public transport will be made available to enable safe movement within the urban and rural areas.

8. Together, we shall make Southern Cameroon a paradise on earth and all our sons and daughters who are abroad now will all come back home. We shall be able to live with, and enjoy our grand children without having to travel abroad to see them.

9. Arrangements shall be made for farmers to sell their products at the best prices, and farmers shall have the best support they can think of. Modern farming methods shall be introduced to ease the burden in the farming sector.

10. Southern Cameroons will become a fully democratic country, where the rulers are elected at all levels by the people in fair and transparent elections. The term of the President or Prime minister will be limited to a maximum of two terms with no possibility of prolongation so that young and fresh leaders can have a chance to bring rule and keep our country up to date. All politicians shall be accountable to the people.

11. Criminals, corrupt politicians, and all gangsters shall have no place in Southern Cameroon. Peace and safety shall be provided for all Southern Cameroonian citizens.

By David Njibamum
For BaretaNews

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