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Common Law Lawyers come under attack from Activists and Defense Groups








Information reaching BaretaNews confirms that Common Law lawyers have been permitted by the colonial DO of Mamfe, Mochi Johnson Malafa, to hold a conclave in Mamfe, the chief town of Manyu county on Saturday 23rd September 2017. According to the document which BaretaNews obtained, the application was filed by Barristers, Njualem CHARLSE, Ebai Ntoko, and Nzo Mboke. The agenda of this conclave is not yet known to BaretaNews but we can only guess that it has something to do with the God ordained project for the restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood.

BaretaNews must say that Common Law Lawyers have been resolute and had set up the foundation for Southern Cameroons own Bar to be independent, and void of government influence in a free southern Cameroons. We can only thank God the Consortium leader,Sessekou Agbor Balla is around and may take up from where he left it. However, while waiting to see the agenda, we can only caution that our lawyers should be careful of the colonial manipulation so they don’t act like the church who for selfish interest has abandoned the sheep to the wolves. The people are watching.

However, this information did not go unnoticed to some activists and groups as the Guardian Post Headline of Thursday 14th September suggests that the agenda may be to suspend the 11 months strike action. Ashu Kingsley, Southern Cameroons activist from Manyu County had some tough words for the Mamfe meeting: He writes: ” The Cameroon Bar Association Meeting in Mamfe schedule for the 23rd September will Not hold if the sole intend is to suspend the 11th Month strike without any concrete result. The Town will be made ungovernable for any body coming for that meeting.La Republique is Not Known to grant Permission for meetings to hold that do not serve their interest. The town of Mamfe will not be open for this meeting.This what the Youths are in Mamfe are saying. The meeting will not hold without the physical presence of Barrister Eyambe Elias Ebai , Barrister Harmony Bobga-mbuton and DR. Agbor Nkongho. We have come alone to stop now. The days of Cameroon Bar Association are over. We are now talking of Southern Cameroons Bar Association. Ambazonia Bar Association. We are waiting for the draft constitution of the two state federation from the Lawyers. A committee was set up in January in Kumba to that effect. Barrister Ngualem Charles, Nzoh Mboke-Divine, Ebah Ntoko Justice who are said to be behind this meeting should be told the consequence of collecting money from Yaounde to sell the winning struggle. The town of Mamfe will not be opened for this meeting. Restoration of our Independence is what guarantee our future as Southern Cameroonians and we shall follow through to the very end so help us God. Ashu Kingsley ( Prophet and Statesman ) Manyu County, Republic of Southern Cameroons…”

Common Law Lawyers, at a cross section meeting last year

Also, the various so called defense groups in a circulated message on Whatsapp had this to say:

“Representatives of all defense groupings of the Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia met this Tuesday the 12/09/2017 to discuss the growing deviation by some common law lawyers with respect to our struggle. We observed with dismay and anger that some among these lawyers have silently resumed work! We wish to call on these lawyers to recall that they started this struggle and so withdrawing at this point will mean that the blood of all those killed will stain your entire being.

We want you to take note, that so many people of all strata of life in Southern Cameroons have lost just so much to draw back now and the blood of those killed MUST be avenged on all the enemies both within and out of the house. We will stop at nothing to ensure this happens, so do not say you were not warned. What has been happening to the schools will not spare your offices and houses, why not even your very lives to appease those who are dead.We shall be represented at your meeting in Mamfe on the 23rd to hear what you have to say. Any false move, trust us that whoever is concerned may never live to tell the real story. Consider hiring as many soldiers and policemen as possible to journey with you, because real matters are just about to begin.

Our people MUST be free and nothing shall stand on our way. For the defense groupings and by delegation.The Prime Minister of the Ambazonia Vipers!..”

BaretaNews can only hope everything moves on well with the lawyers putting the interest of Southern Cameroons first considering the fact that a lawyer still remains in jail, many more are on exile and dozens of our people are still in jail who rose up to support the struggle when it began by the common law lawyers in October 2016.


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