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Of border towns and the indivisibility of Southern Cameroons



Interim Government of Buea

The Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible. Let it be very clear that Bamenda is not North West (permit me use this term here). I am not from Bamenda. I am from Kumbo. I have read a couple of posts lately where supposed intellectuals with hard balls on their legs that could bring twins in one night stand equate everyone from the ‘North West’ as Bamenda. This has to stop.

Again, that nonsense people usually say the Bamilikes and Bamenda people have similar cultures or the Bakweri and Doualas have similar cultures and try to relate it to our struggle or to argue against the separation of Cameroon are very foolish of them. When you study history, you will know that border towns share similar cultures, food , dress, etc with each other. Douala is a border town to Fako (Buea/Tiko/Limbe) most especially. The West region (Bamilikes) is a border town to Bamenda. Does that make a Bakweri man Douala? Or a Bamenda man Bamilikes and vice Versa?

Do you forget to know that most villages/towns in Manyu are border towns to cities and villages in Nigeria and these people share same names, food, culture, tradition etc. Does that mean someone from Ekok in Manyu for example is automatically a Nigerian with someone from Ikom as both areas are border towns? Would a Nigerian from there therefore claim to be a “Cameroonian” and vice Versa? The same is true with Donga Mantung in the NW which shares boundary with Nigeria. In some of these areas in ‘Cameroon’ naira is even used as the legal tender.

In the same way, those from the East region in French Cameroon share a boundary with those of Bata in Equitorial Guinea. When you go there, the same language is spoken by the Bata people and those in the East of Cameroun. Even the traditional food, culture is the same. Does that make an Equitorial Guinean a ‘Cameroonian’ and vice Versa because they share similar cultures? In the same way those in the northern region of Cameroun share boundaries with northern Nigeria. The culture here too are quiet similar.

In Europe, Americas, China and other parts of the world, the same thing happens. Those areas or regions which share borders with other countries basically have most things in common quiet different from those in the interior. That does not in anyway make the other part of the other.

So this whole nonsense that the Bakweri man shares similar traits to the Douala man using it as an argument to counter why Southern Cameroons should not separate is very naive, foolish and nonsensical nonsense.

Now you get the picture, border towns have always similar traits and does not make one the other. The indivisibility of each country is set at its independence. Southern Cameroons have a well recognised international boundary. La Republique had its independence without Southern Cameroons and with a known border. Therefore, Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible

You better suck it up

Good night
Mark Bareta

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