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I have been silent all day concerning the Bamenda protest because I wanted to get more details from all the angles. First and foremost, let me vehemently condemn any violence by those protesting or by the military on the people. Violence has never been the solution. But let us not loose sight of what is happening. The anger you see today in Bamenda is as a result of a broken system. The people are fade up and thus, they will use any opportunity to expressed such anger.

Let me express that Mr. Mancho who led the protest in Bamenda is a great guy and must be commended. The information coming from Bamenda is that Mancho who has been complaining about the poor states of Bamenda roads and the works that the Chinese were doing, took to the streets in a coffin and declared that he is prepared to die. This anger exhibited today by the people of Bamenda indicated a culmination of complaints and yes the people are right but I call on them to do so peacefully if they must exhibit their constitutional right to protest.

That said, the Teachers’ strike which began today and was over 90 percent successful has nothing to do with a street demonstration. The teachers have always talked about students and teachers staying home and go about their normal activities. They have not deviated yet from that goal. So let it be known clearly that the teachers/lawyers strike is a sit-in strike until the demands are met. That does not mean, other groupings cannot express their anger over a gangster regime. If you wanna protest do it peacefully, hold green leaves, sing victory songs etc.
Like I have been saying, we are all following directives from the Common Law Lawyers and Teachers. Once they think that an All Anglophone Unity rally is important , they will inform us and we shall mobilize and come out in our numbers.

For now, Anglophones should keep calm, continue to boycott AFCON, No School and Classes till we hear from the leaders. For those who want to go out and express other frustration, it is your right, but you must do it peacefully.
This is Mark Bara.
God is still saying something.

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