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“Anglophone” MPs Must Be Told Consequences Of Non-Compliance



The minds of Southern Cameroonians have assumed the greatest political task of finding remedy to the state of Annexation and Assimilation under La Republique Du Cameroun. And, burdened by what seem as series of inconsequential measures with disappointing outcomes, there’s a renewed commitment across the globe to apply decisive resolves that would compel the alien Regime to make statehood concessions or expel it from the resource endowed territories of Former British Southern Cameroons. Amongst the contemplated measures is the replication of the 1953 historic vote of benevolent neutrality or walkout, staged by Southern Cameroons Representatives at the Enugu Regional House of Assembly: A move that, then, granted Southern Cameroons an autonomous status and self government.

As one of the most decent measures enacted and equally subscribed to by Hon. Joseph Wirba, constituencies in Southern Cameroon have publicly exclaimed on their representatives at the National Assembly in Yaounde to withdraw and cease indulging the Colonial House of Horror. Politically, it signifies an end to their mandates. In an attempt to utterly destroy the head bridge of foreign power into Southern Cameroons, the people have resolved to annul any domestic claim of legitimacy and legality that technically empowers the legislative contraption behind the unending sequence of injustices meted against defenseless Southern Cameroonians.

However, these reprobates at the factory of misery are servants of a system that gratifies power; They are stewards of a former French colony that not only survives on the highest cheques of corruption but punishes victims for not being corrupt; They quake In fear at the service of tyranny; They are worshippers of a Dictator who rewards loyalty with prosperity and condemns morality with poverty. So, unlike the Southern Cameroonian Representatives in 1953 who abandoned their functions at Enugu; these ones are more corrupt, induced by power, have forged longer and stronger bonds, are divided by party interests and have witnessed the weaknesses of the majority under an atrocious System, above the law.

Perhaps I should not only point out at the ideological strings and material things keeping politicians at the whims of power in modern times, but refer the minds to a hindrance of strategic necessity which is most likely to be ignored in moments like this: the lack of assurance of any kind, out side the present covenants. Anyone wishing to join a revolutionary force must see a trustworthy, sophisticated and dependable political infrastructure to chase dreams, pursue aspirations and price ambitions, upon. There must be, in the pursuit, a reasonable perception of hope, of equivalent or greater value than the present. If the Representatives are expected to fall into a chaotic situation and fix it without a reasonable security then it’s an over estimation of proposition.

Also, the 1953 crisis and subsequent vote of benevolent neutrality was not as it seems; out of a grandstanding patriotic endeavour in furtherance of a Statehood vow but, a resolve to acquire much need relevance in an Assembly where; Southern Cameroonians constituted an insignificant number, were virtually out manoeuvre, out classed, out witted; And there was an appealing necessity and possibility to regain dignity and recognition in the political process. It was more an act of personal and a common political recovery that led to a discovery of greater influence in the affairs of State.

Therefore, the Southern Cameroonian Representatives today will have to be promised a fare and attractive reward or made to see the substantial benefits for any withdrawal decision. They live a corrupt lifestyle; are susceptible to bribery and vulnerable to threats. Morethan this, they have to be induced or coerced by making them choose between living on exile forever in Yaounde and family comforts in their various homes. Measures have to be taken to have them declared persona non grata by their constituencies or make it hostile for them to return if they decide to remain loyal to Yaounde. If steps are not taken to excoriate these representatives after appeals and threats, it will further scupper the Revolution’s chances for a domestic political triumph. Perhaps, non-coupling should be considered by all communities to make the alien laws non binding on the people.

Until Freedom Comes, We Stand Together!
…Comrade Don Wan-Obi.

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