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CPDM and Biya’s Praise Singers rubbish AFCON Draws



Yes, the Cameroons led by Paul Biya is a pit of shame. It is a country whose leaders, those entrusted to carry out events have no sense of research, they have no sense of direction to do things correctly, they have no zeal to emulate other countries to do things well. Everything in that Country under the leadership of Paul Biya is haphazard. A country of no control, a country of no check and balances, a country full of shame.

On Friday 16th September 2016, BaretaNews announced to the Cameroons people about our excitement to have our very own boy, former CRTV Hello presenter, Mr. Njie Mbonde Albert presents the AFCON 2016 draw on Sunday, 18th September at 4pm in Yaounde. He was chosen as the main host. BaretaNews can confirm the excitement Cameroonians had with the information . This translated to so many shares, likes and comments on Facebook. Cameroonians were glued to their screens .Many Cameroonians both home and abroad do not watch CRTV anymore. Most because of the excitement to see their own son being the main host of a football major tournament turned on to CRTV only to discover how messy, shameful the show was.

It is really sad to know that most Cameroonians were extremely disappointed. The excitement greeted by Cameroonians were dashed. You can’t determine the joy Cameroonians had when they heard that Richard Kings was going to be presenting at the AFCON ceremony. You can’t imagine the joy, pride, excitement, and anxiety Cameroonians had when they saw how Njie Mbonde Albert was spectacularly dressed to represent Cameroon.

Njie Albert during the AFCON show

Njie Albert during the AFCON show

The Government of Paul Biya had no shame. The whole AFCON draw was overshadowed by political speeches thanking the President of the Republic. CPDM regime hijacked the show with useless political speeches. It was all about political speeches and thanking Biya. What the hell were they doing? Was that a CPDM or government activity?
Is this tournament an African affair or a Paul Biya campaign stage? The whole event was about reigning praises to Paul Biya. The organization itself was the worst Cameroonians have ever seen. Albert Njie who tried his best with what he learned at CRTV could not help. He tried to cover up the technical glitches but they were so many that one wouldn’t call them glitches anymore.

The organization even became nastier when Charlotte Dipanda and Richard King were about to take the stage. It was really shameful that it was at this moment that Cameroon started setting up the stage for these artists to performed which took more than 10 minutes. In fact, the evening was a total frustration.
An evening that was meant to be apolitical, an African Affairs evening turned out to be a Biya Praise Singing Evening. Shameful Country

God is still saying something.

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