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UB Faculty Executives Call For The Expulsion Of Ekema Patrick



On June 24th, 2017, BaretaNews broke the news of the fake certificates racket in the University of Buea involving over 100 University of Buea support staff. Amongst these fake certificates were the Lord Mayor of the University of Buea, Patrick Ekema

We recalled also that out of more than 100 support staff fished out with fake certificates, 68 responded to answer the charges, the rest escaped. Amongst the fake certificates is the driver of former VC, Dr. Nalova. His sister in Faculty of Health Sciences is caught also into the dragnet .

The Rambler and Post Newspaper all based in Buea, Capital of the Southern Cameroons picked up the story to investigate, all indicating the veracity of BaretaNews claims to be true. The Post Newspaper, in its July 7th, 2017 weekend edition wrote partly ” Our findings showed that a candidate in the name of Ekema Patrick Esunge sat for the GCE seven times. He started sitting for the exams in 1995 and failed. In 1996, he sat again for the exam at the Molyko External and passed in one subject; History D with an ‘E’ Grade.After that, he made several attempts every other year, changing combinations comprising Economics, History, Geography and French at different times, and in the different centres to wit: Molyko External, Muea External, Kumba External. He gave up sitting for the exam after the 2007 session which was the 7th and last time..”

Today,Friday, July 2017, the regional commissioner of Human Rights in the Southern zone in Southern Cameroons, Mr. Christopher Tambe Tiku at the regional Human Rights Office in the presence of the Press granted a Press Conference where he concluded that the Mayor of Buea Municipality, Mr. Patrick Ekema faked his certificates and got entrance into the University of Buea. He said his findings have been submitted to the University of Buea awaiting actions from the University. BaretaNews brandished the details of Ekema’s results as forwarded by the Regional Board to the Commission of Human Rights. It indicated that the Mayor had neither Ordinary Level nor Advanced Level. It brought to questions those who were in the University top management at the time he gained admission to do Bachelor and Masters degree programs.

The big story is that, though schools are shut down, University of Buea has been partly open with very few students on campus out of over 20.000 UB population. The students through their Faculty Executives have issued a public letter to the Vice-Chancellor where they are requesting the University to protect their future certificates by expelling Patrick Ekema from the University of Buea who is a supposed assistant lecturer in Public Administration. The students are calling on the University of Buea Administration to take actions to bring justice on the Lord Mayor Patrick Ekema as well as sanitizing the University. BaretaNews holds also that the University must begin first by canceling results of the fake exams they allowed few students to take without the necessary studies: An exam whose results were catastrophic. It is an all for one principle

Faculty Executives Letter

Our only appeal is now left for the University of Buea to take actions and protect millions of Southern Cameroonians and Camerounese who graduated from that University. Whether we like it or not, international community is watching and actions like these cast doubts on us and affect us all. The University has a moral responsibility to protect its graduates by doing the right thing.

This is BaretaNews, the people’s platform.

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