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Fru Ndi-Asonganyi Show Down: War of words



The former SDF Scribe, Prof Asonganyi last week in Bamenda during his book launch titled “Cameroon: Difficult Choices in a Failed Democracy.” received some harsh treatment from Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF Chair. Mr. Fru Ndi who accuses Prof Asonganyi of telling lies in his book promised to fight back. Highlights of the launch

Fru Ndi: Appearing visibly tense, feisty and very emotional took the floor during the launching of the book in Bamenda Wednesday, August 19 and asserted that facts are for posterity and therefore ought to be presented with accuracy and precision. He was very upset and vocally expressed anger that speaker after speaker at the event, even Asonganyi, the author, never acknowledged his presence only to later call him to unveil the book.

Fru Ndi: Fru Ndi focused on describing Asonganyi as a politician who lacked grassroots support.

Fru Ndi: “I left Bamenda and went with a delegation to the funeral of Asonganyi’s sister and waited for over 45minutes without seeing him. When I asked they told me he had gone to buy drinks. When I went to see him he was drinking a bottle of beer while the sister was lying on a bamboo bed and I asked Asonganyi if he found no SDF militant who could handle those errands for him,” Fru Ndi observed. Fru Ndi questioned how Asonganyi, (at the time he was Secretary General of the SDF) could have been the one going to buy drinks during the funeral of his sister if he had support at the base.

Fru Ndi: “I will be coming out with a book. I will respond to you in my book,” Fru Ndi said. “I never accused you of killing my wife, the interview I granted after my wife passed away has been published so people can read and know the truth,” he added. He, however, did not challenge any other aspect of the book but seemed worried when he fired at Asonganyi in this parabolic statement – “In a traditional dance,
people dance round and when you are tired you sit down and others continue. You don’t get tired and decide to burst the drum,” he told Asonganyi.

Enters Asonganyi………..

Asonganyi: Asonganyi after the event said  he did not acknowledge Fru Ndi because upon his arrival at the event, he (Asonganyi) went and extended a hand shake to Fru Ndi but he refused to take it, leaving his hand hanging. “How do I acknowledge him when I went to greet him and he refused taking my hand?” Asonganyi questioned.

Asonganyi: Ni John Fru Ndi used the statement he made before unveiling the book to make all types of disparaging statements about my person and my family! He probably felt that since issues about his wife – the late first lady of my former party – were discussed in my book, he had the liberty to talk about my late sister who was not even a member of the party. He unveiled the book alright, but took no copy.

Asonganyi: My sister’s remains “lying on a bamboo bed” is a reference to a woman of Fru Ndi’s fertile imagination! I do not think that any family in Lebialem still uses bamboo beds; talk less of laying your dear one in state on a bamboo bed! My sister was lying quietly in her grave when he arrived in our compound.

Asonganyi: Mr. Fru Ndi should know one thing: He is the one seeking to be President of Cameroon; for now, I am just an ordinary citizen trying my little best to ensure that our country is governed on a rational basis.

Finally Bara concludes: A friend of mine bought a copy of the book, now I am waiting for it to be delivered. I will read also………..

Story culled from Cameroon Journal.

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