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Ambazonians Shower Praises on Ambazonia Fighters as Colonial Soldiers Defect



Ambazonians Shower Praises on Restoration Fighters as Colonial Soldiers Defect

By Mbah Godlove

Many Ambazonians are saluting the efforts made by Ambazonia fighters to push out the force of occupation from their territory.

The denizens began hailing the Ambazonia fighters last weekend when a 47 seconds videotape in which Cameroun colonial soldiers celebrated after narrowly cheating death went viral.

Although the time and location where the said videotape was taken remain unknown, occupation Forces were sported rejoicing and thanking God after detecting two local deadly explosives.

As they jubilate for escaping the drag-net of restoration fighters, one of them revealed that most of their colleagues deployed to Ambazonia are fast defecting and seeking refuge abroad.

It is on this note of victory that, Ambazonians are showering praises on Pro-independence fighters for their bravery.

In a popular relaxation spot in Victoria, dozens of men and women discussed the exploits of Ambazonian fighters on battlegrounds across the territory.

With pride and patriotism, the denizens expressed the desire to see the Liberation forces cleanse Ambazonia of all colonial soldiers.

They were unanimous that the resignation of dozens of French Cameroun forces is a huge boost to their quest for independence.

They, however, regretted the fact that some restoration fighters in Donga Mantung county have not been provided the required support to confront the enemies.

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