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Jubilation in Mambu as Captured Fighter Rejoins Colleagues



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Jubilation in Mambu as Captured Fighter Rejoins Colleagues

By Mbah Godlove

There has been an atmosphere of celebration in Mambu, Bafut local government area after a captured Ambazonian fighter reunited with his fellow colleagues, BN has learned.

During a French Cameroun military invasion of Mambu and Mbebili earlier on Monday, July 26, a restoration fighter was rounded up and taken along by the colonial soldiers.

Before news of his disappearance could reach his colleagues, the brave fighter had already been taken away.

Inhabitance of Mambu and Mbebili on Wednesday, July 29 join with restoration fighters to jubilate and celebrate the return of the patriotic hero.

It remains a mystery how the young fighter managed to escape the drag-net of the colonial Military, but locals consider his return as something worth celebrating.

Be it in churches, markets, or beer parlors villagers are discussing the issue, with some of them stressing that, the fighter was meant to see and live the dream of the journey to Buea.

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