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Ambazonians Scorn Biya For Trojan Horse Gift



Ambazonians Scorn Biya For Trojan Horse Gift

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonians have described a consignment of a so-called Christmas gift of dictatorial presidential couple Paul and Chantal Biya as a trap to lure them into the dragnet of their brutal forces.

Days back, French Cameroun’s colonial regime announced that tyrant Biya and wife have dispatched basic commodities worth millions as aids to Ambazonians for the festive period.

Some Southern Cameroonians have labeled the offer as a Trojan horse gift aimed at rallying them into the regime’s slaughter houses.

Far from information revealed by the colonial regime that the items were meant for internally displaced Ambazonians, BaretaNews has reliably been informed that the commodities are intended to sustain thousands of French Cameroun’s troops who began invading key areas in Southern Cameroons last weekend.

“The food is not for Ambazonians, it is meant for their soldiers who have been sent to capture our top commanders before December 31,” a source hinted.

Elements of the occupational forces in their thousands were deployed to Lebialem, Bafut, Batibo, Bambui and Bambili.

Dreaded Red Dragon’s General, Field Marchial, in an audio circulating on social media revealed that, up to 6000 troops were heading into his territory on Sunday night.

He called on ordinary citizens in Lebialem to be vigilant, stating that his soldiers had already taken cover to crush the advancing enemy.

Sources say the Yaounde regime requested General Field Marchial of Lebialem, General Commando of Batibo, and other warlords to be captured and exposed on, or before December 31, whether dead or alive.

Some Ambazonian activists, among them, the CEO of BaretaNews, Mark Bareta, have described the recent twist as a defining moment in the history of the Ambazonian war of independence.

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