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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Blood Spills In Buea Over Ghost Town Violation



Ambazonian War Of Independence: Blood Spills In Buea Over Ghost Town Violation
By Mbah Godlove
Restoration fighters in Buea have undertaken a bloody mission to fight against the non-respect of the traditional Monday ghost town in the Ambazonian capital.
The deadly outing came after Freach Cameroun surrogates announced on Social Media that acts of civil disobedience such as ghost town oppressions had been abolished.
This pronouncement and the fact that many a Buea denizen has not been respecting the traditional Monday rendez-vous precipitated the Fako restoration fighters to undertake the mission.
Around 10:00am this Monday June 14, 2021, the Ambazonian forces stormed the Muea-Beau colonial police station; killing about 5 of the enemies.
Local media have equally reported that nearly 5 township taxis belonging to recalcitrants folks who disobey the clarion ghost town call were razed.
Businesses remained shutdown in all neighborhoods including the busy Molyko area.
However a few stubborn taxis drivers and private vehicle owners were spotted in the town.
The Fako restoration fighters have advised residents to stay home on Mondays in order not to run into open fire which could claim their lives.
Gunfire exchanges between restoration fighters and colonial soldiers were witnessed in Moyoka, Tiko, Ekona and other parts of the Southern Zone

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