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Secretary General of Consortium, Dr. Fontem Neba Pays Christmas Visit to Ambazonian Detainees in Yaoundé







Secretary General of Consortium, Dr. Fontem Neba Pays Christmas Visit to Ambazonian Detainees in Yaoundé

In the spirit of love at Christmas, the Secretary General of the outlawed Consortium, Dr. Fontem Neba has paid a Christmas visit to Ambazonian detainees in Paul Biya’s gulags in Yaoundé.

Below is the release made by the SG after his visit.


23 Dec 2017

I must start by expressing my profound gratitude to all my friends, colleagues and family members who hearkened to my call and gave me the much needed support to visit our brothers in Kondengui Principal and Central Prisons. Thanks to your generous effort, we have been able to get 40 litres of Kerosene, 6 bags of rice, 40 litres of cooking oil, chicken, fish, 6 trays of eggs, 4 bunches of plantains and 100 bottles of natural pineapple juice, garri, gnuts, smoked fish, garri, and some pastry. I invoked all the management skills I once had to be able to get something to sustain them during the Christmas.

I arrived Yde at about 4pm yesterday, and thanks to my close friends we went straight to the market and shopped into the night. As a result, we were able to preempt the Saturday pre-Christmas congestion.

Today, It was all joy to see each other again although under very unpleasant circumstances. Visits like these are an opportunity to encourage then, and to remind them that their community cares and I told them that I will always be a willing emissary.

Our Lord says that whatever ye do unto these ones, ye are doing unto him. Be not weary of doing good. May he replenish and show you favour in every area of your life.

Many people called when my visit was already over, but promised to chip in something during my next visit in January. You too can make a difference. Affliction is meant to test your compassion; persecution is meant to test your resilience. We overcome both when we reach out to the other and say: “I know how you feel”. This has given strength, unity of purpose and triumph to societies that were once rocked to their foundation. We too can sacrifice something small to achieve it.

As for me, I have personally experienced the great virtue of human compassion. As I travel back to Buea this night, I continue to ask God to help me to do his Will, and to do what is right. That He will help me to show that same love I received during those bleak and desperate moments to others in need.
Happy Christmas

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