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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Buea Denizens Ready To Honour Monday Ghost Towns



Ambazonian War Of Independence: Buea Denizens Ready To Honour Monday Ghost Towns
By Mbah Godlove
Following historic invasion of the Muea-Buea colonial police station recently, an indelible mark has been left on the minds of inhabitants of the Ambazonian capital.
Monday sporadic gunfire exchanges between Restoration Fighters and French Cameroun’s forces shaped public opinion.
From the scene of events in Muea through Mile 17 to the busy Check Point neighborhood, denizens say they have heard, seen and felt the determination of Restoration Fighters to recuperate their stolen territory from the hands of La Republique du Cameroun.
As a reminder, Pro-independence Fighters raided the colonial police station in Muea, Monday, June 14, in what has become a major attack of the police station since 2017.
During the invasion, Restoration Fighters razed five taxis before pouncing on French Cameroun’s uniformed officers.
Sources say the attack saw the display of strength with the use of sophisticated weaponry from the Fako Fighters who are bent to take over Buea.
It is owing to this outing that many people on Buea streets have now attested to the might of the Liberation Fighters.
These locals, whether out of fear or solidarity with the Ambazonian Restoration Fighters, have now avowed to respect the Monday traditional ghost town phenomenon.
Hear an old man in a popular drinking spot: “I was almost caught in cross fire during the Muea shootings, if not of a lady who led me into her house”.
“Never will I risk my life on a ghost town day,” he avowed.
It is worth mentioning that Monday’s showcase was a wakeup call to those who no longer respect ghost towns in Buea.

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