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Cease-fire does not stop the Coronavirus spread But Decongesting prisons stops/limits the covid-19



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

BN Editorial

By Mbah Godlove.

Creating a peaceful environment in Ambazonia this moment to battle the Coronavirus has been highly advocated for by many a person. The bearers of such good news totally see from the same lense as the UN Chief Scribe, Antoneo Guterres who unequivocally entreated warring parties to declare a ceasefire as a prerequisite to seeking a collective effort in fighting the pandemic.

For four years, Ambazonians have not known peace. They have laid down their all to push for the independence of their territory in the sun and in the rain, in the day, as well as at night.

Many of our compatriots have died either on the line of duty or brutally killed by the unruly soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun.

As if the over 15 thousand deaths registered are too insignificant a number, some Ambazonian activists have been critical on the option of a truce during this epoch of global insecurity brought about by the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic.

We of BaretaNews, just like the common man on the streets of Esu and Ndekwai, feel that calling for a ceasefire is the right but Ambazonia does not NEED any cease-fire at this time, especially when it’s not internationally monitored as an outcome of a mediated negotiation.Cease-fire does not stop the Coronavirus spread. Decongesting prisons stops/limits the covid-19 spread as it’s part of social distancing. Already, there has been an alleged detection of #coronavirus in Kondengui Prison in Yaounde. This prison houses thousands of Ambazonia Prisoners Of War with hard core Camerounese Prisoners. UN SG @antonioguterres should call on #Biya to release our people to fight the spread

It takes mere reason to know that posterity will judge us should we fail to protect our citizens during this unanticipated health crisis.


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