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Attendees Of Disbanded Fako Mountain Race Pay Huge Price For Acting Contrary



Attendees Of Disbanded Fako Mountain Race Pay Huge Price For Acting Contrary.

By Mbah Godlove.

For violating the law of the land and attending a disbanded colonial mountain race in Buea Saturday February 25, some persons are still facing the consequences of their actions.

Among those paying the price are six people receiving treatment in hospital.

This is because they unfortunately were injured by explosions which had been used to target colonial soldiers who were on guard that day.

The six, we can confirm were among about 25 others injured in separate explosions as reported by several media outlets including Russian News.

At the time of this report, they are still admitted at the Buea zonal hospital where they are being attended to.

As BN had earlier reported, many French Cameroun officials have been regretting for letting the race take place this year.

This was after videos of the explosions hit the social media minutes after they were blown off that Saturday.

It is however left to be seen if the colonial regime will henceforth respect Ambazonian laws or will continue to violate them and regret afterword.

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