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Ambazonian Struggle: Mark Bareta Foresees Doom On US Federalism Bill



Ambazonian Struggle: Mark Bareta Foresees Doom On US Federalism Bill

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian activist, Mark Bareta says a bill that is underway at the US Congress to impose Federalism as a means to resolve the ongoing armed Conflict between Ambazonia and French Cameroun is destined to fail.

Early on Sunday December 8, information that Congress was secretly drafting a Federal bill to be imposed on both Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun made rounds on the social media.

Reacting on Congresswoman, Karen Bass-led exercise moments ago, Mark Bareta emphatically stated it was not going to yield any fruits because it neither met the aspirations of Ambazonians nor those of La Republique du Cameroun.

“The only good news is that both La Republique du Cameroun and Federal Republic Of Ambazonia are against the Federation and want nothing to do with it,” he said.

Octogenarian ruler, dictator Paul Biya of French Cameroun on the one hand repeatedly declared that his colonial territory was to remain “one and indivisible”, insinuating that Ambazonia is his over the Mungo territory which an inch cannot be lost to whosoever and whenever.

Ambazonia activists on the other hand pronounced their independence on October 1, 2017, promising to put an end to French Cameroun’s 56 year rule at the time.

These diverse political views pushed tyrant Biya to declare war on Southern Cameroons in November same year.

The two warring fractions have sustained a conflict for over two years with devastating aftermath.

The CEO of BaretaNews thinks that Federation will only be a springboard to more bloodshed given that it is not what they people are presently requesting for.

“While French Cameroun is crossing her boundaries she had at independence without Southern Cameroons encroaching into its territorial space, Southern Cameroons is backed by law, history and rights to defend and restore our territorial integrity,” he revealed.

To the Ambazonian patriot, a Referendum, rather than an imposed Federation would have deescalated the ongoing tension.

“They [Ambazonians] now deserve a third and only option — complete independence,” Mark Bareta added.

Many political scientists and conflict resolution experts across the globe have opined that only a negotiated settlement can put an end to the long-standing deadly dispute between both countries.

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