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Ambazonia War Of Independence; Barrier To French Cameroun’s Dual Elections?



Ambazonia War Of Independence; Barrier To French Cameroun’s Dual Elections?

By Mbah Godlove

A meeting on a possible postponment of Municipal and Parliamentary elections has taken place in the Presidency of La Republique du Cameroun.

Sources say the international community has continuously called on dictator Paul Biya to defer the local elections slated for February 9, 2020 to a later date.

On the heels of Thursday’s emergency meeting was the visit of three international personalities to Yaounde.

The Head of the Common Wealth, the Secretary General of La Francophonie and the Chairman of the African Union who all reportedly spoke about the deteriorating Ambazonian war of independence and the condition under which the upcoming elections are being organized.

After a decision by Professor Maurice Kamto to withdraw the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party from contesting in next year’s elections, owing to the deepenning armed conflict and poor electorial codes, the Biya regime has since been worried over how to defend itself at the international scene.

Since announcing the convening of electorates for the local elections without any concrete actions to liberate Ambazonians who have been under colonial rule for 58 years, some politicians such as Awoudo Mbaya have categorically refused to take part in the jamboree.

Ambazonia fighters have vowed that no such colonial exercise will be allowed to take place anywhere in Southern Cameroons.

BaretaNews sources in French Cameroun’s Presidency say the dictatorial government has agreed to postpone the elections, but remains worried about the reasons it will advance for the said postponement.

Some political minds have described the current stalemate as a catalyst that might trigger an end to the 37 year-long authocratic rule of 86 year-old Paul Biya.

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  1. Bonnie

    November 28, 2019 at 11:21 PM

    Ambazonians don’t care who rule banana republic of french Cameroon,the UN,AU, Commonwealth allow biya to commit genocide against southern Cameroonians Ambazonians ongoing for 3 years,took their golden status,kept silence, hoping that we shall all be neutralise, biya will be victorious, fortunately we as a determined assimilated, marginalized, unjust suffering people in 58 years of colonial slavery by french Cameroon with a stolen independence by UN in 1961, refused to address the Root Causes,biya declared war on us,they turned a blind eye,now that we have organise our strong resistance of self defense, fighting french Cameroon trained military baby killers with our might,they start taking notice that we are actually human beings,Ambazonians forces have come to stay to fight lrc,we will never lay down our arms,we shall quadruple the resistance on GZ, french Cameroon must know that we own Ambazoniaand we shall resist with all our might to take back our land by force,there can never be peace without JUSTICE

  2. Sunshine

    November 28, 2019 at 11:26 PM


    A dictator is always a fool and a brute. biya’s attitude towards his impoverished french country people is very pathetic. At least, the docile french stooges are waking up to stop biya’s imbecility. I hope they succeed.

    After decimating innocent peaceful people in Southern Cameroon, this tyrant foolishly thinks he will go free. Southern Cameroon will pursue biya and his cronies to the last man standing. Biya and his bulu bir will give an account for the senseless killings in Ambazonia!!!

  3. Mukong

    November 28, 2019 at 11:37 PM

    Now this just confirms why knowledge is power. It is sad that while Maurice Kamto has shown discipline and intellectual prowess that has culminated in outsmarting the Beti/Bulu criminal french slave boys of Etoudi, we have this foolish bookseller who has for the longest time deluded himself into believing that Ambazonians owe the sdf something by thinking the lives of our people are for him to use as bargain chips for his political adventurism. In fact that is why it said that “Truth crushed will rise up one day”.

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