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French Cameroun Bows To International Shame Over Military Atrocities In Northern Region



French Cameroun Bows To International Shame Over Military Atrocities In Northern Region

By Mbah Godlove.

The colonial regime of French Cameroun had announced that seven of its soldiers who gruesomely murdered women and children in the Northern region would be handed punishments this Monday August 31.

In 2018, a video circulated on social media in which soldiers in French Cameroun Military atires cruelly shot dead two women and their children. The regime of Paul Biya, denied responsibility for the killings stressing it was a drama framed up to tarnish the reputation of the Country’s Military.

Contrary to this stance, the BBC and Amnesty International in separate investigations, indicted the Camerounian Military for the act. Over two years later, the colonial regime has announced that seven uniformed officers found guilty of the incidence would be sentenced at the Yaounde military tribunal this Monday.

Some Ambazonians say the only way justice could be attained, over French Cameroun Military atrocities in their territory and by families of the two women and their children is for the Ambazonian War of Independence to be brought to an end, and for the ICC to investigate and punish French Camerounian soldiers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression.

However, the case pitting the government of Cameroun and five of its soldiers has been adjourned to the 21st of September. A court hearing in Yaounde today,was ineffective as two of the three presiding judges failed to show up. The five soldiers accused of killing two women and two children in the Far North region of Cameroon had to know their fate this August 31 after seven months of trial.

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