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Ambazonia Refugees In Anguish As Conflict Intensifies In Homeland




Ambazonia Refugees In Anguish As Conflict Intensifies In Homeland

By Mbah Godlove.

Over 60,000 refugees Ambazonian refugees in neighboring Nigeria are in dire need of humanitarian aid. On Saturday June 20, observed as The International Day Of Refugees, the plights of the thousands of Ambazonians seeking refuge in Nigeria were brought to the fore.

Sources say the refugees who were forced out of their comfort zones by the on going war declared by the colonial regime are leaving under very precarious conditions. Spread across four states including Cross River, Benue, Tararaba and Akwaibom, the Ambazonian refugees are desperately in need of food, shelter and health care.

Owing to the hardship that has clouded their stay in the foreign land, some of the refugees, according to the AYAH International Foundation, have indulged in prostitution and child trafficking as ways to survive. While on a mission to provide assistance to the suffering Ambazonians in Nigeria last Saturday, AYAH International Foundation’s President, Ayah Ayah Abine, revealed that urgent humanitarian action is required to rescue the refugees.

Nearing four years, Ambazonians continues to flee killings, and maiming perpetrated by forces loyal to French Cameroun

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