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French Cameroun’s Political Turmoil, Victory For Ambazonian Course?



French Cameroun’s Political Turmoil, Victory For Ambazonian Course?

The CEO of BaretaNews, has entreated restoration fighters and activists to redouble efforts during this moment of political transition in French Cameroun as a sine qua non to recuperate their territory Ambazonia.

In an exclusive interview with Mark Bareta from his base in Brussels, Belgium earlier this Sunday June 21, the highly decorated leader expressly stated that the deaths of dictator Paul Biya and wife is a moment of splendour and glory for the oppressed Ambazonian people.

“Restoration Fighters from North to South, East to West of our country should be more than ever before determined to flush the enemy across the Mungo. It is not by chance that the man who has precluded our independence for nearly four decades dies at such a crucial moment in our history,” the political advocate opined.

He however remains turgid that the Ambazonian dream requires not only the inputs of Restoration Fighters, but equally incessant collaboration of leaders with the population to complete the last bent of their journey.

“Leaders of this course should know that unity at this moment of diversity is of high essence. The fighters alone cannot lead us to Buea,” Bareta revealed.

“I beg you all to unite during this period of political lacuna in the colonial government for the good of all Ambazonians,” he entreated the leaders.

As earlier reported, the man who declared war on Ambazonians died in March 2020. This has created a hostile political atmosphere in Yaounde as the flames to determine Biya’s successor continues to burn.

The situation was further made worse when First Lady Chantal Biya was declared dead on June 16, 2020.

The fate of Ambazonians, according to Mark Bareta remains in the fighters and the citizens themselves as the battle to designate a Biya successor rages on between Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Louis Paul Motaze.

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