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Ambazonia Liberation Leader Cho Ayaba Congratulates Field Marshall NO Pity, Implore Marine Forces To Respect Geneva Conventions



Fellow Ambazonians
Today is Kontrisunday, our National Day of collective Resistance and defiance against an illegal tyranny and occupation planted in our land. Thanks to our people Mondays will go down in our history as days when Ambazonians said No to colonialism, occupation, and international conspiracy. The offensive phase of our liberation struggle has taken a meaningful turn, thanks to the bravery and daring of our Commanders. We thank General No Pity for igniting a spirit of hope and daring and in their sacrifice humbling the enemy and giving our people hope. His actions have inspired other Brigades and we are confident about the weeks and months ahead. We must continuously commit as to make sporadic resistance become SYSTEMATIC. I call on the Marine Force to respect the spirit of the Geneva Conventions. We cannot allow our bravery to be hijacked by the cutting of the heads and arms of already dead soldiers of the enemy. I also call supporters of all other forces to stay away from No Pity. Salute his bravery and focused on the greater missions of consolidation and offensive actions. We must conduct ourselves in a liberation struggle with maturity and confidence in our our conceptions.
On Saturday, I met with my executive to review international and ground developments. I have since held more than 20 other meetings to review specific trajectories of our struggle and how we can avoid the mistakes of the past. There are dangers ahead. Every positive development in our struggle is followed by chaos, setbacks and internal fighting. We must consciously take steps to mitigate the effect of the activities of spoilers and enablers from within. Discipline is a key requirement in sustainability and liberation leadership. The enemy is continuously being weakened. It is bankrupt morally and financially. How chaos in LRC will affect Ambazonia has been factored into policy developments. Nigeria is becoming unstable. This will have an impact on our resistance. We are putting in place measures to mitigate its effect. The international Committee has a choice to make. Stability with Ambazonia or chaos with Africa’s last corrupt and crumbling outpost. The future is Blue. There is no better time to be an Ambazonian.
My fellow people
It’s not going to be a walk in a park. It’s not a linear process either. Embrace each phase with humility but with a deadly determination to end Cameroun’s reign over Ambazonia. I am confident in the foundational strategy, leadership, and the determination of our people.
Dr Cho Ayaba

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