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Dabney Yerima Hails Restoration Fighters, Cautions Against Emulating French Cameroun’s Militia’s Atrocities



Dabney Yerima Hails Restoration Fighters, Cautions Against Emulating French Cameroun’s Militia’s Atrocities

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonia’s Interim Government Vice President, Dabney Yerima has applauded the courage and resilience demonstrated by Restoration Fighters in the struggle to recuperate Southern Cameroons from the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun.

In a communique signed recently, the leader revealed that the French Cameroun army has over five years committed horrendous crimes against humanity, which he said Restoration Fighters should not emulate.

Citing the killing of 20000 people including women and children, and the razing of at least 521 villages by the forces of occupation, the patriot, Dabney Yerima intimated that Pro-independence Fighters should pursuit self-defense and shun barbaric practices.

The I.G Vice President expressed delight at the successes of Pro-independence Fighters in various battlegrounds; stressing that their bravery and determination will bring forth Ambazonia’s independence in no distant time.

Mr. Yerima reminded his forces to respect international humanitarian law applicable in times of armed conflicts as the liberation war rages on.

Hear him: ” There have been disturbing videos, images, and messages on social media from the conflict in our country. These are the hallmarks of a regime on its last legs. Local militias loyal to the regime in Yaounde have been carrying out atrocities, and they intend to pin some of these criminalities on you”.

“So, you must be vigilant and not duplicate their savagery and cruelty. The Interim Government condemns atrocities like beheadings, kidnappings, extrajudicial killings, and torture robustly,” he emphatically added.

Meantime, the leader promised that his office will continue to seek diplomatic means as a way to fast-track the process of Ambazonia’s independence.

Ghost town operations according to Mr. Yerima, remains a peaceful resistance strategy which he insisted, must be respected until independence is granted to the erstwhile UN Trust Territory.

The I.G Vice President equally called on the UN to deploy a peace-keeping force to curb the barbarism of La Republique du Cameroun in Southern Cameroons.

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