AFCON 2019: French Cameroon’s Efforts to Host Increasingly Frustrated by Natural Law





AFCON 2019: French Cameroon’s Efforts to Host Increasingly Frustrated by Natural Law

If the colonial regime of French Cameroun still believes in hosting the 2019 African Cup of Nations, then it must be hallucinating. Apart from the ongoing War of Independence between French Cameroun and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia – that has made Ambazonia a no-go zone for any AFCON participating team, the happenings being witnessed in the ongoing AFCON infrastructure in French Cameroun, are enough added testaments for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) officials to look for an alternative host country.

Of recent, the different infrastructures being constructed across La Republic du Cameroun and Ambazonia have witnessed different mishaps. The public has seen a trailer transporting imported materials to the construction sites summersault into a valley; workers in construction sites have repeatedly gone on strike due to poor working conditions and none payment of salaries on time; construction sites and host cities have flooded repeatedly exposing the bad nature of the roads and planning system in French Cameroun, with no efforts being made in terms of maintenance.

The most recent mishap has been the collapse of a hotel in Garoua, North of French, Cameroun which is being constructed as one of the projects for the competition. The said hotel which appears just about 45 percent completed collapsed probably due to structural defects as could be seen from the falling pillars. This only goes a long way to further expose La Republique du Cameroun as a banana republic that depends mostly on the fire brigade approach to solve its own problems.

It is clear that French Cameroun cannot meetup with the preparations for the AFCON competition. The every day blood letting by the terrorist regime in Ambazonia has certainly become a curse to the banana republic. As things continue to fall apart, it is evident that all the monies borrowed for the constructions cannot be paid from the proceeds of AFCON as the regime had envisaged. The future of the colonial economy is therefore bleak, given that it is also draining it coffers to sponsor a senseless and unjustified war in Ambazonia.

To the old Dictator, the debt burden and the impending financial crisis is not his problem. His concern is just to one more consolidate power and there on the seat as President in order to escape from all his atrocities.

James Agbor

Political Analyst, BaretaNews


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tanga Abem Ferdinand

    September 14, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    Sadly the world is an empire and is ready to back Biya no matter what. What Ambazonians think does not matter. The number of Ambazonians killed matters only to us. The only thing is for us to ignore all those international bodies and focus on ground game. Starting from UNESCO, they all bent the rules to ensure Ambazonia remains enslaved. UN is bending the rules. AU is bending the rules. CAF is bending the rules. Interpol and FBI are likely to look away too.

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