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Tobin District Under Immediate Lockdown in Response to Controversial Tax Decision



Tobin District Under Immediate Lockdown in Response to Controversial Tax Decision

By Mbah Godlove

In a swift response to a controversial decision made by Bui county colonial officials, Tobin district has been placed under an automatic and immediate lockdown. The decision, which mandates drivers and bikers to register and pay taxes, has sparked tensions leading to drastic measures taken by the local authorities.

On the night of January 11, the communication department of the Bui Warriors, under the leadership of General Talk And Do, issued an emergency message detailing the lockdown, which took effect on Friday. The warriors, in a strongly worded audio communiqué, declared that, starting from January 12, no vehicles, bikes, or horses are permitted to enter or leave Tobin.

The lockdown was triggered by a joint decision made by the Bui colonial Senior Divisional Officer (SDO), Tobin Divisional Officer (DO), and the Mayor of Tobin. The decision mandates transporters to converge on the Tobin colonial council premises to register and officially commence tax payments.

General Talk And Do strongly condemned what he referred to as exploitation within his area of command. He emphasized that such actions would not be tolerated and warned that anyone found violating the lockdown would face immediate punishment, including the possibility of being shot.

The controversial tax decision has not only disrupted the normal flow of transportation in Tobin but has also heightened tensions between the local authorities and the Bui Warriors. The situation remains volatile, with residents and transporters anxiously awaiting a resolution to the standoff.

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