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Political adventurism has no place in a liberation war: There Is NO 20th May Lock-down- Dr Ayaba, Amba Liberation Leader



Political adventurism has no place in a liberation war: There Is NO 20th May Lock-down- Dr Ayaba, Amba Liberation Leader

The Leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council has chastised political liberation groups in the diaspora instituting a 3 day 20th May Lockdown. The liberation leader says it is unwise to put pressures on our people even when the colonial regime has run away from celebrating its own imposed activity in our land. Below is his Statement

“Dear Ambazonians. We are aware that the occupier annulled its charade celebrations of 20th May in Ambazonia. Consequently, we have not declared any lockdown that imposes any undue pressure on our people. We are however aware that the gang of infiltrators using our revolution as a political experiment have called for a lockdown. Our people must continuously reject and disobey any calls from this criminal syndicate. Their anti revolutionary activities including activities that strengthen the hands of the occupier have weakened our presence in Fako, Manyu, Meme and other places. Our focus during this period is to ensure uninterrupted supply of materials to our soldiers to regain control, assert authority and reawaken the spirit of nationalism. Political adventurism has no place in a liberation war. Ambazonia will remain a burial ground to all those who raise their guns against Ambazonia and it will take strategic leadership backed by a liberation plan adjusted to the context within which we operate. God bless homeland. Dr Cho Ayaba”

Mark Bareta, Ambazonia activist corroborated the liberation leader in a Facebook post, he writes:

“Lockdowns are never meant to make our people suffer. Lockdown is only a power control non civil disobedience against the occupier. Lockdowns drain our forces, it requires lots of resources and put lots of pressures on our people. Lockdown when declared, it should be politically calculated. This year, our forces and civilians are fortunate that the occupier has run away from their own imposed 20th May celebrations. This gives our people some air and space, thus any political diaspora group calling for 20th May lockdown when the day itself will not be celebrated in Ambazonia is doing disservice to our people. It is wickedness, bad faith and must not be welcome. Ambazonians must thus go ahead with their normal activities, stay safe while respecting all Covid-19 measures and most importantly, be security sensitive as our forces now employ guerrilla tactics. God bless you. God Bless Ambazonia”


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