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Fako Youth Petition to Address Escalating Hostility Against Northern Zoners



Fako Youth Petition to Address Escalating Hostility Against Northern Zoners

By Mbah Godlove

Youths of Bakweri heritage from Fako County have raised their voices in opposition to the increasing attacks on Northern Zoners, a campaign spearheaded by individuals Mbela Moki Charles and John Eko, commonly known as Moja Moja. In a strongly-worded audio recording currently circulating on social media, a man now recognized as the spokesperson of the Bakweri youth expressed their concerns. They assert that, following a meeting in Victoria, the xenophobic behavior exhibited by Colonial Senator Mbela Moki Charles and Moja moja has deeply troubled them.


The spokesperson, as heard in the audio message, emphasizes that the divisive tactics promoted by French Cameroun through these two individuals are perilous. Moreover, it is highlighted that a significant number of Bakweri youth are married and reside in the Northern Zone, and vice versa. They implore Mbela Moki and Moja Moja to desist from perpetuating the animosity against their fellow brothers and sisters, underscoring that they were once united before the colonial administration partitioned them into the Northwest and Southwest provinces.

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