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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Bali Attack Drop 4 Colonial Agents Dead



Ambazonian War Of Independence: Bali Attack Drop 4 Colonial Agents Dead

By Mbah Godlove

At least 4 elements of French Cameroun’s police have been neutralized by Ambazonia Forces in Bali Nyonga Local Government Area.

During an incursion launched by the Ambazonia Fighters in the area earlier this Monday July 19, the colonial elements were overpowered; recording severe casualties.

Sources say at least 4 police officers were killed on the spot, while several others suffered life-threatening injuries.

Dozens of Ambazonia Fighters attacked a control post along the Bamenda-Bali stretch of road where the deadly battle emanated.

Aside the loss of lives, huge material damage was equally recorded.

Their vehicle was completely destroyed while weaponry including helmets and guns were confiscated.

Monday’s attack in Bali is the second in less than a week as a colonial military base in the area was razed by Restoration Fighters days ago.

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