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Ambazonia Forces Tell Biya And Accomplice Fru Ndi: We Will Buy More Guns, Fight Until Buea





AMF Outsmarts Biya/Fru Ndi Diabolic Dialogue Scheme, Opts Military Action

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian Military Forces (AMF) have vowed to frustrate the evil plans of French Cameroun’s Paul Biya and opposition party leader, Ni John Fru Ndi to abort the struggle for the decolonization of Southern Cameroons. Following recent pronouncements from SDF’s national chairman, Fru Ndi, to support Biya’s ill-fashioned idea of national dialogue, the AMF has in a communique pledged to regenerate fresh military tactics to avert Biya’s demonic incursion aimed at sabotaging the quest to their independence.

“We also heard a familiar line, that we should drop our weapons and surrender to his trigger-happy, baby-killing, rapist and terrorist army. He did not fail to emphasize plans his country — La Republique du Cameroun has to consolidate its colonial grip over Southern Cameroons,” the Generals stated.

The AMF High Command in the release, declared their intentions to support decisions from other Ambazonian stakeholders and tasked
Paul Biya to withdraw his army of occupation and colonial administration from their territory with immediate effect.

“We also seek to reassure our people, that under no circumstances shall AMF soldiers drop their arms.

“We will continue to defend the homeland until we achieve the following:

  • Engaged in 3rd Party Neutral Negotiations
  • Demilitarize our country- AMBAZONIA;
  • Release Comrades Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the entire Nera 10, as well as all our brothers and sisters in Paul Biya’s dungeons;

AMF says they are going to Restore democracy, peace, and prosperity in Southern Cameroons after liberating it from Cameroun colonial trappings

The Ambazonia Military Forces, commanders, and soldiers equally promised to remain resolute and focused until they kick La Republique du Cameroun out of their motherland- Ambazonia.

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