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Ambazonia Forces In Bafut Want The Head Of Runaway Mayor For Blasphemy



Ambazonia Forces In Bafut Want The Head Of Runaway Mayor For Blasphemy

By Mbah Godlove.

The Colonial Mayor of Bafut local government area, Ngwa Laurence has been indicted for his recent blasphemous statement about Ambazonia Forces in Bafut

In a media outing on the 38th anniversary of the dictator Biya-led CPDM in Bamenda, the runaway Mayor said that all Ambazonian fighters in Bafut had dropped their weapons, stressing that anyone who still possesses arms is a stranger and not an indigene.

He claimed that Bafut locals are now aware of the need to support dictator Biya’S vision of a one and indivisible Cameroun.

The outing of the Mayor who had long fled the village to Bamenda I local government area has not gone well with major commanders in Bafut.

This is because he has been a black leg and attempting to attack other Ambazonians from outside Bafut residing in the locality has only made a bad case worse.

The commanders of Bafut have promised to go after him and his close collaborators in a bead to ensure that Bafut remains in the hands of restoration forces and non/Bafut residents are safe in the local government area.

Bafut is one of several areas controlled by restoration fighters since the outset of the liberation war six years ago.

This explains why the commanders in Bafut are so angered at the controversial outing of the colonial mayor.

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