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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Bui County Hidden Atrocities.



Ambazonian War Of Independence: Bui County Hidden Atrocities.

By Mbah Godlove.

Fresh human right abuses on civilian population in Bui county of the Northern zone committed by colonial Cameroon soldiers have been emerging.

Hundreds of colonial soldiers deployed to battle Ambazonia forces in Bui county have rather intensified attacks on civilians. Most of the victims who are girls and women say they are sexually abused on a daily bases.

We gathered that anyone who does not accept to give in is immediately killed after being raped. Girls as young as 12 years are being raped before their parents in broad day light and the victims have been silent due to fear of losing their lives.

“My daughter was raped by five uniform men who threatened to kill us if we ever voice it out to anyone,” a mother sorrowfully revealed. Boys and men for their part are being tortured and some killed while others are loaded like cargo and taken away to unknown destination.

The colonial forces also burn down homes and destroy crops as well as killing animals. Insecurity remains on the rise as the population cry out loud for help.

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