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Parents Disown School Resumption, Send Terrific Waves







Parents Disown School resumption, send terrific waves

Bamemda, Southern Cameroons, 31st, July 2017:

BaretaNews correspondent in Abakwa just informed us that GTHS BAMENDA or Canada as many usually called it had organized an entrance exams for students into the high school and only eleven students turned up.

It should be noted that this entrance exams usually seat hundreds and sometimes thousands of applicants from which the needed number is selected and most often more than 500 are selected for the academic year. It is rumored that the 11 who showed up are francophone immigrant students. Our people are rejecting the system and sending a strong waves.

Our people deserve a Technical Education like it was in Ombe where professionals were trained to be employers and not only employees. Our people say no to that sham of technical education of poor quality and in a foreign language our children don’t master.

Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Educational Board is working hard to restore our education. Something good is in the pipeline. We have seen the promise land, we shall get to the promise land.

Let’s continue to be steadfast as we march towards restoration.

In another related news, the Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council, Pa Tassang Wilfred will today at 5pm Amba time address the Church and the people of Southern Cameroons. It will be broadcasted on his Facebook (Tassang Wilfred) and on the SCBC.

Mark Bareta.

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