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October 1 Victim Weeps As Balla Visits To Offer Help







President Agbor Balla, Consortium President has continued his outreach visiting victims of La Republique barbarism. His latest visit took him to St Martin de Porres hospital Njinikom where he met several wounded. Their ordeal faced on 1st October will bring tears flowing. Mr. Njong, 24 who was at a funeral saw the military shooting at his legs. The military again used their vehicle to climb on the shot leg. The nurses and doctors trying to safe the leg had to remove veins from the left leg to save the right leg. The human right abuses in Southern Cameroons is horrendous. Read Balla’s communique


While visiting St. Martin de Porres Catholic Mission Hospital, Njinikom in the North West Region. We were motivated by the dedication of the doctors, nurses and Reverend Sisters.

We were immediately touched by the case of Muhmara Njong, a 24 year old young man from Ndop, who was not protesting. He was attending a family funeral before they got surrounded by the army, soldiers caught them and brutalized them. He tried running away but he was shot in the leg, the soldiers got into their vehicle and drove on his bleeding foot.

Balla visiting

He narrates his ordeal while shedding tears. The nurses explained to us, his surgery lasted several hours with the doctors borrowing veins from his left leg just to save his right leg.

We must continue to unite and show strength and solidarity even in the face of pain and weakness, because together we are stronger and all our wounded brothers and sisters will return stronger! — Agbor Nkongho

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