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Ambazonia Cleric Dies of Cruel Treatment from colonial regime



Ambazonia Cleric Dies of Cruel Treatment from colonial regime.

By Mbah Godlove.

An Ambazonia priest has died under inhumane conditions at the hands of French Cameroun security operatives.

Sources say Andrew Ambezieh, erstwhile Roman Catholic priest, was unlawfully whisked off in 2017 following the escalation of the ongoing armed conflict in Ambazonia.

The late cleric formally served at the Ash diocese of Bamenda before resigning to join the struggle for the homeland to regain freedom from French Cameroun’s occupation.

Reliable sources say the cleric took ill while in a colonial detention facility in Yaoundé where he had been held for six years and was not provided medical attention.

We understand that his situation got worse on the 10th of October before he was reportedly taken to hospital, where he died less than 24 hours later.

Father Andrew is one out of thousands of Ambazonians detained across French Cameroun under very inhumane conditions just because they support the decolonisation of Southern Cameroons.

Despite his arrest and imprisonment, the late clergy remained committed to the course of freeing his land of birth from colonial occupation.

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