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Akwaya Chief Lynched For Betraying Ambazonia Course







A traditional ruler of Akwaya, Manyu County, of Southern Cameroons has been ‘sent to the gallows’, for attempting to divulge the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces. Chief Abang Ashu of Big Nyang Village, was hanged in an evil forest recently, after being proven guilty of espionage.

The traditional ruler was caught and hanged recently as he embarked on a journey to the Divisional headquarters of Mamfe supposedly to hand over a list containing the names of some youth to the security forces.

BaretaNews gathered that the youth and local restoration forces intercepted the traditional ruler while he was on his way to feed the security forces with information about happenings in the area. It is reported that when the restoration forces stopped the Chief, he admitted that he was headed for Mamfe but failed to disclose his mission.

The Restoration Forces had him checked. In the course of the search, they stumbled on a list containing names in his keeping. Eyewitness reports hold that, at this juncture, the chief opened up and pleaded for mercy, but the youths were determined for the worst.

Reports hold that they had him trashed severely to death. His body was later ferried into an evil forest. Here the corpse is said to have been tied hanging from a tree as a sign of a disgraceful death.

The aim of restoration forces , BaretaNews gathered is to expose the flesh of the traditional ruler to vultures and other forest animals. This is said to be punishment equal to the betrayal which the traditional ruler is accused of committing against his subjects. The said traditional ruler is said to be a retired police officer.

NB: Reports first published by the Post Newspaper

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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