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La Republique Sacred Heart College Actions Aids Biya







From the events that have unfolded in the Southern Cameroons since November, 2016, it is crystal clear that we are in a serious crisis which the Biya’s regime underestimated and has woefully mismanaged it. The events of the last weeks – from loud explosions to the burning of the security-tight Sacred Heart College Mankon on Monday night is proof that this crisis is gradually reaching a crescendo. There have been accusations and counter accusations between the people of Southern Cameroons and the colonial Yaoundé regime about who is responsible for the increasing acts of arson being committed daily in the Southern Cameroons. The truth is that, in such a confusing and conflicting atmosphere, any group of persons or individual can claim responsibility for such acts for different interests positions. However, our concern in this write-up is on; who burned-out Secrad Heart College Mankon?


All fingers are pointing at the colonial military. Let us explain. Sacred Heart College Mankon is not just one of those normal schools in the Cameroons. Like Sasse College Buea, it is a school for the children of the upper class in society, the bourgeoisie (affluent middle-class people characterized as conventional, conservative, or materialistic in outlook) and a few privilege lower class persons. Consequently, there is no way such a school will be on in this tense atmosphere without tight security on campus. We are all witnesses to a video footage that emerged on the eve of schools resumption showing the colonial forces clearing grasses on that very campus. They were even overheard asking themselves what they were doing there and whether it was their duty to go clearing grasses on school campuses.

Security stepped up in Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart College is a well-fenced school and added to the normal school security apparatus that is always stationed during ordinary school periods, there has been a permanent police post on that campus since the start of the academic year, considering the background of the students in the school and the incident of November, 2016 when an angry Bamenda population tried to force themselves into the school in search of the son of Paul Atanga Nji. So, the questions to ask ourselves now are: If it is not an act by insiders, notably security forces, how were outsiders able to access the school (with tight-security and security lights) into the building and pour patrol, lit the fire and disappeared without any trace? Where they spirits? Looking at the situation, the colonial forces and the campus security guards should know better what transpired.

There is nobody that is satisfied with the status quo in this banana republic. Even the colonial military themselves are bitter with the system. That’s why when they strategized in secret on how to deal with Southern Cameroonians, the next day, the plan is littered all over the streets of Bamenda and Buea. We have seen them leaked sensitive documents and videos to us the people. Have we ever asked ourselves how possible it were for the BUNKER 12 to get a Camera, a pen and paper, write a speech, record it and their prison condition, and released to the world without a gendarme collaborator? Only an insider sympathetic to our course and bitter with the regime could do that and we thank them for that anyway.

Consequently, in the present case of Sacred Heart College, all fingers appear to be pointing at insiders. However, whether it is the handy work of an insider, the colonial military or even a braved outsider, it is evidently clear that in every crisis of this magnitude, there must be casualties both living and non-living. We are in a crisis that should have consumed thousands of lives if it were elsewhere in Africa; but thank GOD, the angered but God-fearing people of Ambazonia and their sympathizers have decided to vent their anger on replaceable non-living objects, rather than spill human blood which is irreplaceable. It is the hands of the enemy that remained soaked in the blood of innocent Southern Cameroonians

Dialogue has failed and the United Nations has already recognized this crisis as an international one. It has to do with an incomplete decolonization assignment. The UN therefore still has enough time of to make history by correcting itself pre-bloodshed and not post-bloodshed. As the people’s peaceful resistance continues, the enemy is also provoked and losing her patience. The UN has a unit for the prevention of genocide, and if history lessons on genocide in Africa are anything to go by, then they and all necessary stakeholders must act now before it is too late. The people shall not be ready to listen to any excuses for not intervening on time to address an issue that is anchored on TRUTH and directly concerns your office.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Correspondent

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