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I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Accept an Ambazonian Nationality – Patrice Nganang








I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Accept an Ambazonian Nationality – Patrice Nganang


Stony Brook University Professor and prize-winning novelist Patrice Nganang has expressed his readiness to accept an Ambazonian Nationality, if given the opportunity. He made this known through his reaction to a comment made by an Ambazonian, on the Facebook Platform of Mark Bareta, CEO of BaretaNews.

BaretaNews, had reported the hasty released of the New York-based CameroUnian novelist from Mr. Biya’s gulag; followed by the confiscation of his La Repulique passport and indefinite expulsion from the country. While reacting to the news story, an Ambazonian made the following:
“We can give him an Ambazonian nationality if he wants. Ambazonia is a land of freedoms.”
Replying to the above comment, after arriving his base in New York, Patrice Nganang, noted that:
“I will happily take it. Thank you for what you all did! Many thanks and may God bless the fight. Always know that I am with you and on your left. I am writing this from my home in NY – as a free man, awaiting that passport, thus. Many thanks, again.”

Worthy of note is that, the literature guru had been arrested on December 7 as he tried to board a flight to Kenya, at LRC’s economic Capital of Douala. He was accused of insulting and threatening the life of the colonial President, Paul Biya, on Facebook. However, it is generally believed by the public that he was being witch hunted for scripting a reprimand in the Paris-based magazine, Jeune Afrique, on Biya’s mismanagement of the Ambazonian Revolution, through the use of excessive force.

Nganang, was recently discharged from the Yaoundé Court of First Instance, and freed from the Kondengue Central Prison. This was after purported pressure from the Trump administration, through the US Embassy in Yaoundé.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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