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BaretaNews Updates, Saturday 2nd February, 2019



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

1. There has been a situation in Tombel Local Government Area with casualties on the sides of Cameroun military after confrontation with Ambazonia Restoration Forces. Details are still forthcoming

2. Cameroun soldiers have shot dead a woman and her son around Tiben, after Batibo. CNA writes “Mrs Egrie Cynthia wife of Enu Richard Egrie, now late Principal of GHS Konda, and her son were killed while accompanying the corps of the husband to the village for burial.Close sources say the convoy was first stopped by Ambazonia fighters before military surrounded the area and shot at the woman and child”

3. CNA writes again “The Step brother of the Principal of GHS Konda, Egrie Hans has died. He was rushed to the hospital in Batibo after soldiers shot him , his brother’s wife and son.They were on their way to bury the late Principal when Soldiers fired shots at them after they were stopped by Ambazonia fighters.The child and mother will be buried in Bamenda..”

4. Two females have been rushed to the Bamenda Regional Hospital with a shattered head. They were shot by the Cameroun military.

4. Southern Cameroons Activists Front-SCAF have endorsed the National AK Campaign plan and planned to seek alternative ways for carrying out this mobilisation void of any leaders

5. Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces in numerous audios circulating are reminding Ambazonians of the February 5th to 14th lock down. They insist that persons must be careful especially on ghost town days as Cameroun military moves in civilian wears targeting them. They said they have made a cautious decision to shoot anything on sight during such days as an anticipatory self defense actions

6. The colonial Governor of the Southern zone has threatened civil servants who stay away from work during Ghost Towns days. He says they will be considered as separatists. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea has sent out a notice asking students and staff to answer present on Mondays. Ambazonia fighters have however cautioned citizens to respect Ghost Towns days and stay out of trouble.

7. It is now evidently clear from all reports that Chadian soldiers are present both in the Northern and Southern zone of Ambazonia. Scandy Media, a sister media outfit reported yesterday how at Sabga hill Bamenda, a lady met 4 Chadian soldiers who controlled their car and begged for food. The soldiers opened up that they were sent to North of Cameroun to fight Boko Haram but only found themselves in the war in Southern Cameroons and most often Cameroun authorities did not care of their needs

8. Mimi Mefo, Cameroun finest Journalist working for Equinox has left the TV and Radio house for the west where she will undergo several media training, seminars etc. It is not immediately clear where she will be based or if she will be going back to Cameroun but BaretaNews sources claimed she will be based in one of the European countries. Mimi Mefo was recently arrested by Cameroun security forces as a result of her objective reporting on the Cameroun-Southern Cameroons conflict

9. Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces must be cautioned that, in HTTTC kumba, precisely at the main campus in Sonac street, BIRs are now on the campus in civilian wears with pistol gun in their bags. They even attend classes with the students there. They at times sit at strategic places on campus. It should be recalled that this school harbours mostly Francophones from Cameroun. Extra care must be taken there. BIR most often than not look black and speak French.

10. Reports coming from Ekondo Titi say Kitta value has been on fire. A lady known as Mami Ikombe was roasted inside her house by Cameroun military. The house of chief Andumu was also set ablaze. This happened today morning about 4am

Mark Bareta

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