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Colonial Military Storm Nkum LGA: Kill Three



Colonial Military Storm Nkum LGA: Kill Three

By Mbah Godlove

Residents of Nkum Local Government Area, LGA, Bui County are in fear and consternation following the killing of three persons during a French Cameroun military raid.

The contingent invaded the said LGA recently, wrecking severe havoc on the population.

A source told BaretaNews that the regime forces entered Nkum on foot, killing everyone they met on their way.

Three unarmed civilians who were palm wine tappers were reportedly killed on their way from the bush.

Livestock and homes were destroyed as the alien forces struggled to make their way into Takuf and Kufulu.

Pro-independence fighters in the area already knew about the coming of the colonial agents.

They alerted the population of the eminent danger.

Sources say French Cameroun’s troops are planning to set up a camp at Government Secondary School Kufulo.

Days after the invasion of Nkum, many say they are still afraid, because they never know when the regime forces could still storm the area.

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