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Angry Population Almost Kill Two Women, a Man For Robbing Passenger In Bamenda



Angry Population Almost Kill Two Women, a Man For Robbing Passenger In Bamenda.

By Mbah Godlove.

As goes the saying, 99 days for the thief, a day for the owner.

This is exactly what happened to two women and a male commercial taxi driver in Bamenda recently.

Several local media reported that a businessman took a taxi from Commercial Avenue to Cow Street in Bamenda where the robbery was carried out.

The victim recounted that after he got into the taxi, two women accompanied him, but he thought they too were passengers, but this was not the case.

While the car drove across the city, the victim revealed, one of the women kept complaining of limited space while rubbing herself on the businessman. Eventually, they succeeded to remove 700000 Francs from his pocket and immediately, the driver asked to check the back seat.

At this point, the driver said the car had a breakdown and that the journey could not continue.

Instead, the car would be taken to the garage, the driver claimed.

As soon as the man got alighted, he discovered all his cash was gone but this was only after the driver had taken off.

Immediately, the victim hired a bike and they were able to intercept the driver and the two women around Bellow Foncha, Nkwen Bamenda.

The victim alerted some locals who upon hearing his ordeal, pounced on the three suspects, vowing to kill them if they did not reproduce the money.

Unable to bear the pains, one of the women quickly pulled out the 700000 francs from her breast/wear.

Meantime, many persons in Bamenda had been attacked under similar circumstances and to them, this was the right time to put an end to the practice.

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