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How to activate And Use Whatsapp Without Your Current Number






How to activate And Use Whatsapp Without Your Current Number.
This article explains how you can use whatsapp without necessarily using your current number on phone. This means that your day to day normal phone calls etc are private meanwhile the number on your whatsapp is different. If your whatsapp number is different from your normal day-to-day number, then the number on your whatsapp will not go through if someone calls you through direct line using normal network unless its a whatsapp-whatsapp calls. Also, it is possible to ask friends or relatives abroad to get you a sim card with a foreign number so that you can use for your whatsapp. Using a different number for your whatsapp whether its a local number or foreign frees you from identification in groups, chats etc. Take note, whatsapp is very secured. These are just extra security if you do not want your personal number to be same as your whatsapp number. Details herein.



In so many ways, our struggle has been been an information war. The enemy knows that the more we know the truth, they more we know that we are a Free people with the right to Independence as guaranteed by international law (UNGA Resolution 1608 (XV) of April 21, 1961). Since they don’t want us to know the truth, they have falsified our history and tried to control the flow of information. That is why our internet was cut because through social media, our people were getting the truth. We got our internet back, so now their forces of occupation are now arresting our pipo because whatsapp accounts are linked to SIM cards registered in names that can be traced. So this is how to push back and still use whatsapp anonymously to stay in the game.

Whatsapp and all virtual communication applications are based on a technology called Internet Protocol (IP), which is a digital system of transmission that maps your actual telephone number to a string of numbers in cyberspace called an IP address. This is like an alias, a virtual address that is used to identify every device connected to the internet. So how does that provide us anonymity? Yes, you can communicate on whatsapp with a number that is not linked to the SIM in your phone, therefore it can not be traced back to you using GPS or any other tracking technology.

This is how it works.

1) Get a SIM card that is not registered in your name or somebody else’s name. You can as well ask a friend, brother or sister abroad to get you a sim card and communicate to you the phone number. Most people abroad can get sim cards within seconds.

2) Insert the SIM card into a phone ( it could be your phone or a friends phone). You need this because once you activate whatsapp with the phone number on the sim card, whatsapp sends you a code into the phone where the sim is. You can then use the code to activate your whatsapp. Alternatively, if the number is a foreign number you requested from someone abroad, just ask him/her to send you the code whatsapp sent to the number. That is all you need, you don’t have to remove your sim if you are using a foreign number to activate whatsapp

3) Once the number is activated on whatsapp as ur new number, u can now remove the SIM card from the phone and keep it somewhere else. If the number is foreign number, the person abroad will just remove the sim also and keep.

4) You can now put back ur original SIM card for normal communications, assuming u had a one SIM phone and had to remove ur original SIM card for the operation.

That’s it. You can now communicate with Whatsapp without risk of being tracked since the number that appears on your whatsapp profile is no longer linked to your actual device or to your name. Plse forward this message to your love ones back home.

NB: Whatsapp is the safest means to communicate both by text or calls. It can never be tracked or tapped.

Aluta Continua!

Prince Akere Divine Achu (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
(Consortium Signatory) with imputs from Mark Bareta, CEO BaretaNews.

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