Unity And Collaborative Conferences- The Canada And Washington Meeting





Unity And Collaborative Conferences- The Canada And Washington Meeting.
Fellow Ambazonians

We are at very delicate stage of our revolution. While self defense is paramount in bringing us to Buea, diplomacy and the support/Perception of the International community is paramount in sealing our journey to Buea. In fact, self defense is the activator of diplomacy and international help. That is why restoration days (Ghost Towns) and civil disobedience only CANNOT bring us Independence. It could only lead to minor changes in administrative issues which is far below our objective.

To get Independence, there are things we must do and I must confess, we are already doing all those things, but the one most single aspect we are yet to achieve is to get all Nationalists Movements and the IG finally collaborating to tell the world that these are people they can work with. To tell the world that we are serious in what we have. Our movements and leaders are bound to collaborate, they are condemned to collaborate and therefore we must help them so. There are many opportunities our movements and IG have lost because those that matter want to see a true unity platform. We are the ones delaying ourselves to Freedom.

As we delay our own moves, the enemy is now busy. La Republique has now engaged in a fierce communication campaign in the diaspora as well as buying lobbying firms. These firms are only interested in their money and clients and have no pity or sympathy for human rights abuses and what our people are going through. This is the moment we have to rally as a person for the last push to make sure we use all social media platforms to counteract everything they will say. We cannot go silent now.

There has been too much talk about the Canada and Washington conferences, all of which geared towards one objective- Unity and Collaboration. I already see some people trying to throw punches here and there. Fellow Ambazonians, what do we really want? Are we being aware that we are face up with La Republique, its allies, world power and now lobbyists are joining? We are on our own, but if we as a people succeeds in uniting, I bet you, no power out there shall be able to kill us. This is what the international community, especially those sympathetic to us and want to come in is asking from us- Unite and Collaborate. Yes, this is possible.

So my people, these leaders are talking behind the scenes. Let us whether activists, members of different movements, citizens and ‘surrogates’ allow these leaders to talk and bring forth a solution for our people. If these leaders really mean well for our people, they will damn all politics, interests game, talk and come to a compromise on what our people needs. Talking, collaboration is not ‘bonbon’. It takes tolerance, patience, effective communication, love for homeland to achieve. Even in our small activists forum, it has not been easy. What then amongst leaders? Yes, we can.

While doing this, we must also bear the truth that before the Interim Government called a Collaborative conference, which had been mentioned in one of Sako’s live Facebook shows, the 3C initiative has been on and we have had Sako, Ayaba on the records of this particular conference. In fact, I am aware that all movements and IG had sent representatives who were already talking about this 3C Conference in Canada discussing on how to make it work. I know how difficult it could be but it is possible.
I have had persons come on my platform and others to talk about this conference. Let’s allow these leaders to talk. Let’s allow them to find a workable plan for these conferences because the moment activists, citizens and others start making authoritative statements in favour of this or that, or throwing one under the bus, we risk loosing it all. Hear me now very well. No conference will succeed without either of the movements or IG less the purpose is defeated

Therefore, whether we like it or not, these leaders are condemned to collaborate. The IG or the groups cannot do it alone. Trust me, they cannot do it alone. Maybe our people have no idea, no idea why the international community is slow to support, especially those who sympathise with us. It is because they see the lack of a unity platform. Some people rubbished other movements and say, they are in the minority, they have nothing on ground zero. Some say ground zero does not recognise them, etc. so the IG should just go ahead. WE ARE WRONG. It is not a popularity contest.

I have said these things in some of my Facebook shows, that no matter how popular the IG is, she cannot do it alone. No matter how much ground support the IG gets, she cannot do it alone. Because these other movements most people call as minority with no support matters a lot. We have seen how one or two of their actions can cause an entire week and sometimes a month, to be centered about debates on their actions etc, and that is what the international community sees.

I have told our people to be watchful that the international community does not see this popularity of the IG. They do not see the vast support of the IG because we have no statistics or measure to tell them or show them that the IG is the lead so they do not care. These are truths. What the International Community sees is a genuine revolution that can succeed, but with many groups and leaders. It is only you and I as well as Ambalanders know that the IG is popular which is the truth. It is only us that know that the IG is listened to by the vast majority of Ambazonians and they are indeed in charge. The world doesn’t see that so we are condemned to engage these other groups and IG to collaborate. Recognition is not forced. Recognition is dialogue, Recognition is a compromised, it comes with terms and understanding. This is what our people must do.

Let everyone out there continue to push these leaders to do the talking behind the scenes, disagree and argue behind the scenes and find a compromise between the Canada and Washington conferences, come to the public and tell us. OUR LEADERS OWE US THIS.
As activists, most especially, let us mind our language, our tone towards every movements, leaders, etc. We must push these leaders to talk amongst themselves with all respect, dignity and humility. We must learn to be an activist for the revolution, for AMBA and not an Activist for IG, AGC, Groups etc.

I am called Mark Bareta.

Otto Ama


  1. Bali Nyonga

    August 7, 2018 at 6:59 PM

    Mr. Mark Bareta, this revolution is seemingly slow because of people like you who talk out of both sides of mouth. You like other activist have allowed friendship, financial gains/favor to outweigh things done for common good that will this revolution. Who is/are organizing and or sponsoring the Canada meeting? What are the specific objectives of the Canada meeting? Should there be a meeting in Canada simply because someone has been talking about it long ago, thus has to be pleased or because there is a need for that meeting? That is how you sound in this write-up. Can you stop being cunning. You threw your weight behind ARCC but was against SCCOP. You are quick to give reasons to justify the action of some but not others. You came out chastising Comrade Nso Foncha for a video he made but stay mute over some really malignant audios or videos by those you rub elbows with. You put in a lot of positive energy but also plenty of negative ones that ends up erasing out each other. Let there be a meeting in USA, if it does not work out, there can be another meeting (s). Planning a second meeting suggest you know that the first won’t work and I will not be surprised that you know before hand.

    • Bawa

      August 7, 2018 at 10:52 PM

      Well said my brother.The IG must move forward with strong authority

    • Shillah

      August 9, 2018 at 9:10 AM

      By the way bali, when is Ghana or may l say the ghaneen pastor family is going to take Biya to the icc?😂😂😂😂 l thought Eric tataw propaganda was the aim? Nonesense ambazozo terrorists. Nothing in nothing out in liebialem pian. We go killam all those ur green dragons them.

  2. Malis

    August 8, 2018 at 3:27 AM

    Ambazonia is in the spirit, mind, and soul of Ambazonians, so too is the IG. Nobody can change that, it is a reality and fighting it is a waste of time.

    The IG should not allow any group to dictate anything to it. Those who think they can force their will, ways, … onto Ambazonians should go ahead and give it a try. Those days of holding back are over. We will not tolerate nonsense anymore.


    The IG must ensure that no external force successfully uses any group including the IG itself, as a proxy to engineer a fake victory to the people of Ambazonia. This is critical. Any group that distracts, don’t give it attention at all.

    Step two cannot be done, when step one has not yet been done completely.

    The issue is not collaboration or disunity but the willful and well-calculated dishonesty, lying and attempted psychological manipulation of Ambazonians through fake images and post by a few groups of people. If those doing all these don’t respect themselves and stop that stupid, nasty, fullish, backward, degenerated behaviours, then all these colaboration talk is nonsense. There are some very dishonest people in this movement and that is very dangerous for us all.

    Look at SCBC. Dishonesty, deception, lies. I don’t give a damn weather someone is doing a good job or not. There are thousands of people that can do that same job, nobody is absolute.

    The natural order of things is

    1) Code of conduct, behavior protocol, rules of engagement, …
    2) Honesty
    3) Agreement

    Collaboration is the sum total of the manifestation of 1, 2, 3 by all those who want to collaborate. A person that is dishonest can never collaborate. Even God can not change that. It is a waste of time trying to collaborate with dishonest people.

    Collaboration does not come magically from outside of man, it must be developed for within and then lived out into the world in order for it to be received by others. It is an activity, not an agreement.

    Some of our activists are already trying to do the right thing and I support all of them wholeheartedly.

    We Ambazonians are the source of all the problem. If we had ourselves in order, then these fake Rambo like leaders would not even dare to come out.

    How can I as an individual think that I alone, can save a whole nation when I cannot even save my own damn self, all by myself? Worst still, how can a people who say they are smart, intelligent, educated, … listen to me and follow me? Look at that, the people I want to save are the one to give me the money and humans, that I will use to save them, really?. If they have the money and the people, they don’t need me.
    Some groups in this movement are just a pain and a curse to our people. It is such a disgrace to see some of us Africans in the western world behave like this, it is a shame.

    I still don’t understand why we Ambazonians are looking up to these groups as if we need them and they are a must. I’m not blaming the groups anymore but us Ambazonians. Some of us can not reason at all. We follow individuals as if we suffer from some kind of magic spell or curse.

    The IG should not move an inch, we know it is not perfect but that is secondary. The mere fact that it exist is primary. if anyone brings a fight, take it on and put them where they belong, don’t back off or entertain nonsense for groups.

    This movement is not a place where people will come to try and fulfill their unmet childhood needs and wishes on the suffering of our people.

    No single person or group should dare think they are above the Ambazonian people. Either you come out through your physical body with honest actions or you shot your mouth.

    I have seen enough death Ambazonians and I Will not tolerate nonsense of play games anymore.

  3. Ambalander

    August 8, 2018 at 7:38 AM

    The earlier all those groups pledge their allegiance to the IG the better. The world is not stupid. The last thing they want to see is another South Sudan next to Nigeria. Simply put. We can gain independence and then turn around and start fighting each other like South Sudan.
    I don’t care who you are. Get behind IG and stop the backstabbing.
    Kill your egos.

  4. Mbeuh

    August 8, 2018 at 1:37 PM

    Chris Anu’s latest video broadcast States categorically that a repeat of Nera 2 will not be allowed to occur, further explaining that the IG will NOT participate in a poorly planned 3C in Canada which cannot guarantee security.

    Like mr. Bali Nyonga said, why plan another conference when the outcome of the DC gathering is yet to be decided. The planned Canada rendezvous smacks of a tussle for frontline recognition by those few proposing it.
    One step at a time folks, otherwise our struggle is doomed.

    • Shillah

      August 9, 2018 at 9:13 AM

      It’s already doomed, u guys r just 2 stupids to see or may l say cz it’s not u dying on gz that’s why. when is Ghana or may l say the ghaneen pastor family is going to take Biya to the icc?😂😂😂😂 l thought Eric tataw propaganda was the aim? Nonesense ambazozo terrorists. Nothing in nothing out in liebialem pian. We go killam all those ur green dragons them.

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